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Metaphysical Laws : The Law of Attraction

The world is your oyster! If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it. The Law of Attraction is not part of any religion. It is simply a metaphysical law that is a universal truth. People from all lands and languages have used it to great effect in their lives. People claim to have had miraculous transformations in their lives when they used the Law of Attraction to focus on a specific problem area in their lives. So what are these mystical metaphysical laws?

Metaphysical Laws

In science we have laws or principles that provide us with explanations of  how things work. For instance the Law of Gravity tells us about the principle of a body of mass attracting things around its sphere of influence to itself. This force with which it pulls things is called gravity. It has a measurable component and the law is universal, or holds true for all tests conducted. In a similar manner metaphysics deals with other laws that science has not yet been able to verify. However that does not mean that these laws do not exist. There is just no tangible scientific proof available right now. Although with the number of researchers working to prove them it is just a matter of time before they can be established as scientific laws as well. The lack of scientific proof does not make these laws any less effective. Ask anyone who has experimented with the Law of Attraction.

How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical law which helps the user attract what he is thinking about. It is based on the principle "like attracts like". So if you worry about something constantly you are fueling it with energy to come true. For instance if you worry about missing your bus, plane, train or any other ride all the time, you will have a history of missing your ride. In case you worry about falling sick when you get wet in the rain, you will have a history of catching a chill every time it rains and you get wet. If you feel you are just able to scrape through and make ends meet, you have a history of being broke at the end of each month. Now if you turn the worry around into a positive statement, also known as an affirmation, you will be able to attract what you really want into your life. For instance if you say to yourself I always make it to my ride with time to spare, you will not miss so many rides. If you say to yourself every cell in my body is full of vibrant health, you will not fall ill quite so often. If you say I enjoy the many blessings money brings into my life, you will have enough cash to buy everything you want.

Why doesn't it seem to be working?

For those who want to use the Law of Attraction to improve the quality of their own lives, this is a reminder to use affirmations correctly. It is not just enough to say the affirmation to yourself, you really need to believe that the universe will grant your desire. There is no room for doubt. Just like a dog can smell the fear on you, the universe can sense your doubt and refuse to give you what you are asking for. There is no abundance forthcoming when you are seeped in desperation. Instead of despairing for what you do not have, show gratitude for you do have. Then take the next step and be already grateful for the desire you have expressed as having already come to pass. With loving gratitude you can literally win the universe over and have whatever your heart desires.

Affirm to yourself - "Only the best comes to me! Abundance flows into my life with ease and grace!!" 

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