Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Your Family

Eating a Meal as a Family

One of the feelings that may set in very quickly in a family is that of isolation. This is more likely to happen to members of families where both parents are working.  The parents are usually unavailable for lunch and get home too late for sharing dinner with the children. Over a period of time the entire family begins to eat their meals in isolated pockets of time. This is definitely not good for the family unit as a whole and each individual’s health within it.

Get Involved with Activities as a Family

When no one else is there for you, your family always will be. Why not take the time and make the effort to make friends with members of your family. This will only strengthen the bond you have and help you stay emotionally healthy. Pick indoor board games on summer days, or take off for a picnic or hike outdoors if the weather is good. Please don’t go to a mall and watch a movie! That involves absolutely no interaction between the family members and is a brain dead activity.

Remove the Overwhelming Presence of Technology

There are all kind of screens in our lives today from the unobstrusive television screen, to the tablet your ten year old is playing games on, the smartphone you check your notifications on, to the computer that is calling your name- there is too much technology overwhelming us each day.  To stay healthy cut back on the presence of screens which ping with notification alerts and other distracting sounds. It really is terrible for your stress levels. Make sure that you take a break from technology and reconnect with nature by going completely off the grid for a holiday.

Acknowledge and Appreciate

When a family member makes an effort to plan a family outing, activity or even a sit down meal together, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate it. There is no greater boost to the motivation to keep doing healthy activities together than when you are sure that your family will acknowledge and appreciate your efforts. Hearing you speak positively about something your spouse has planned will make the children appreciate it even more, and from then on they will also express their appreciation.

Good Company Does Make a Difference

Birds of a feather flock together, and often your friends will reflect the kind of lifestyle you lead. If you are not sure about how healthy your own family lifestyle is, take a closer look at how your friends handle family time. It will be easier for you to see where they are going wrong and then see how it applies to your family life. Remember you can always choose to make a new lifestyle that is healthier. You will find friends who enjoy the healthier activities as well.

Lead By Example

Remember children do as they see. This means that even if you sprout the virtues of healthy living, until you actually put actions behind your words, it will change nothing. The minute they see you eating fruit, exercising regularly and taking a break from technology, they will accept the healthier lifestyle much more easily. As with all things, it’s a matter of making it a habit.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Do you remember your experience at the Heal Your Life workshop....
A group of people who were total strangers became a Soul Family 
You shared your tears, pains, joys, triumphs and laughter
You held the space for the other to Be and Become More of YOU
You wished to bond some more, stay back a little more
You Promised to Meet Again...
Rainbow Lightworkers brings to you a Golden Opportunity to fulfill that promise. We bring to you the Advanced level of Heal Your Life Workshop, a Residential(optional) Workshop where you spend 3 days by the beach falling in Love With Yourself and With Others. 

At  this 3 Day Residential (Optional) You Will Learn To
  • Explore A Whole New Depth Of Self Love
  • Release stuck limiting thought forms
  • Experience Powerful Meditations
  • Connect With Your Inner Child At A Whole New Level
  • Rediscover The Powerful Technique Of Mirror Work
  • Spend time surrounded by your soul family, where learning won’t be restricted to just the classroom
  • Acknowledge and Reawaken your connection with Unconditional love of the UNIVERSE
  • Form A Deeper More Meaningful Connection With Yourself

     And much much more…. 

Heres what our Last years Advance Heal Your Life Participants have to say about their Experience....
"It was so easy to let go of all the negative thoughts and attitudes which were deeply rooted inside me from ages.  Doing letting go with lovely members of my group was a relieving and refreshing experience. As I became a new person within, I was able to see them with new eyes and see the beauty in each of them.I can't thank enough my Three Angels that led me on this beautiful journey of self discovery- Azeelia, Leena & Evelet." - Ambika

“The power is within you. It always has been. How far are you willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and stir that power awake?”  - Louise Hay

“You were born to be loved, to be happy, to be prosperous and to feel great in your own skin!”

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Using the Law of Attraction to Improve Your Life

Are you one of those people who feel that the Law of Attraction is all bunkum? That you have tried your best to make it work and it never seems to actually do the miracles that you expect from it? Then you need to read this to make sure that you are using the Law of Attraction accurately. This simple guide will ensure that you can

List Your Issues, Problems and Complaints

My career is going nowhere! My Boss doesn’t even know how much I contribute to the team. My colleagues are impossible to work with.

I feel stuck in my relationship with my spouse. We don’t seem to connect anymore. The honeymoon period is long gone in this relationship.

No matter how hard I study, I never seem to get the marks I deserve. My teacher is out to get me, she will never let me score high in the tests. I just can’t study (Fill In the Subject).

No matter what stage of life we are in, no matter what age we are at, we are constantly using the Law of Attraction to manifest our outer world. Even if it is something we hate, we have manifested it because we have been focusing our attention on it.

Look for the Hidden Desires Buried in the Them

Now shift your focus. Think about the complaints you have listed in the first step. Do they really signal to deeper desires that you have? Do you want to be appreciated by your Boss at work? Do you want good colleagues to work with. Do you want a loving and demonstrative relationship with your spouse? Do you want to score really well on tests? Solidify the desire you have in every field that you can think of.

Make the Affirmations Even If They Seem Unbelievable

Do you feel strange saying the affirmation statements? Are they like something unbelievable at the moment? It’s okay. Even if you feel like laughing and being derogatory when you say the statements. Just make sure that you say these positive affirmations regularly. The energy shift will occur. Believe in that fact. This growth work is important for the energy shift to occur. Don’t give up saying your affirmations after a while because “nothing seems to be happening.” Trust me, there is plenty happening in the energy world that has not yet manifested in the real world.

Trust In Divine Timing

Don’t get disheartened when you don’t see instant results. The growth work is taking you through the stages of change that are required to break old pattern, to shift your consciousness and to make you a more powerful manifesting agent.  Know that when the time is right, what you have asked for or something even better is coming to you. Accept the fact that Source knows best and surrender your request. The Law of Attraction is infallible if you use it correctly.

Affirm – “I manifest my best life experiences in line with my life purpose easily and effortlessly”

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Love All Versions of You

There is the visible you that shows up in front of your colleagues. Then there is the inner you who can only show up in front of close friends. Not to mention the version of you that is known best to family members. The shadow you is one whom you try your best to ignore. The truth is that you are not just a simple person who can be understood in a glance. There are many versions of your personality, some loveable and others not so much that make up the composite you!

Can You Spread the Love?

When we speak of Self Love, it means that you need to integrate and shower love on all these different versions of yourself. It’s not enough to be a good person in public and love that image. You also need to be kind to yourself in private by accepting your flaws and character quirks. If you decide this is a good idea, you will pursue Self Love.  Initially there is a whole lot of enthusiasm to do this. To change the way you view yourself in a positive manner.

Watch Your Self Talk

Unfortunately we are creatures of habit. We rarely manage to change anything before we slump right back into old patterns. This destructive habit is not restricted to those who are new on the path to spiritual ascension, even seasoned veterans can fall into this trap. It just needs something ordinary to go wrong before you toss aside Self Love for Self Criticism. Suddenly your inner critic is flaying you with all the negativity possible and your bubble of love and security bursts.

Use Self Doubt as a Stepping Stone

Our behaviour needs to be supported by our thoughts if we want to develop Self Love. One of the primary motivators to keep loving yourself is to actually know what you want to do. Some of us don’t do anything related to our life purpose and feel frustrated. Others decide they have found their life purpose and begin working towards it, only to realize that it doesn’t really resonate with them after some time. To keep yourself motivated you need to dig deep into what you really want.

Keep Loving Yourself

The best way to stay on track is to do small tasks and approve of yourself. Do things that you know you are skilled at and if you can help someone else that’s an added bonus. The kickback of completing a task successfully can be a very happy inner voice that silences your inner critic. Show your inner child love and your Self Love will begin to peak. Be considerate of your own feelings and thoughts as you would be of another person’s. It will surprise you how well you begin to treat yourself in some time.

Affirmation – “ I love and accept all versions of me.  I become my own best friend and improve myself with every passing day.”

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Saturday, 30 April 2016

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Ever so often we stop ourselves from taking the next step forward in our life. Be if related to career, relationships or even a simple hobby that we have wanted to pick up for ages, there is a fear that keeps us standing where we are instead of reaching out to grab more.  We don’t even realize the depth of this fear, and at times we have not even consciously acknowledged it. This is a paralyzing fear that makes us think that the way things are seem fine, so why should we rock the boat by asking for more. And do we even deserve some more?

Self Doubt is always greater where there is less Self Love. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you love and approve of yourself, then you are sure that you will be able to express this love for yourself in the right manner. By giving yourself the respect you deserve, by doing things that you feel like you should. You are never weak, you are only doubting your strength to take on your new demons. Sometimes it is just the thought of failing that holds us immobilized, but if you never begin how are you ever going to succeed or fail?

When you feel the world is crashing in on you, remember the words of A.A. Milne.  Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 

Think about it, what is the one project that you want to take on at work that you feel you may not to justice to? What is the one relationship that you want to improve, which you know can be better than it is today? What is the one hobby that you have always wanted to participate in but thought was too frivolous to waste your time on? What is the book that you have been dying to write all about? There are so many desires hidden in your soul. Find one today and examine it. Ask yourself why you have not done something for this desire to come true?

There is no one and no situation in the world that you cannot face on your own steam. All you need is a firm conviction in your mind that what you are doing is right for you. That it is not going to harm anyone else and that you deserve to be rewarded with the very best that life has to offer. Once you believe in your own abilities, trust your own talent, and take charge of your ambitions, there is nothing that can possibly hold you back.

Affirm to yourself – “I am healthy and strong today. I have all the information and knowledge I need to make the right choices to live a happy and content life.”

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