Saturday, 30 April 2016

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Ever so often we stop ourselves from taking the next step forward in our life. Be if related to career, relationships or even a simple hobby that we have wanted to pick up for ages, there is a fear that keeps us standing where we are instead of reaching out to grab more.  We don’t even realize the depth of this fear, and at times we have not even consciously acknowledged it. This is a paralyzing fear that makes us think that the way things are seem fine, so why should we rock the boat by asking for more. And do we even deserve some more?

Self Doubt is always greater where there is less Self Love. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you love and approve of yourself, then you are sure that you will be able to express this love for yourself in the right manner. By giving yourself the respect you deserve, by doing things that you feel like you should. You are never weak, you are only doubting your strength to take on your new demons. Sometimes it is just the thought of failing that holds us immobilized, but if you never begin how are you ever going to succeed or fail?

When you feel the world is crashing in on you, remember the words of A.A. Milne.  Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 

Think about it, what is the one project that you want to take on at work that you feel you may not to justice to? What is the one relationship that you want to improve, which you know can be better than it is today? What is the one hobby that you have always wanted to participate in but thought was too frivolous to waste your time on? What is the book that you have been dying to write all about? There are so many desires hidden in your soul. Find one today and examine it. Ask yourself why you have not done something for this desire to come true?

There is no one and no situation in the world that you cannot face on your own steam. All you need is a firm conviction in your mind that what you are doing is right for you. That it is not going to harm anyone else and that you deserve to be rewarded with the very best that life has to offer. Once you believe in your own abilities, trust your own talent, and take charge of your ambitions, there is nothing that can possibly hold you back.

Affirm to yourself – “I am healthy and strong today. I have all the information and knowledge I need to make the right choices to live a happy and content life.”

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Say Yes to the Journey of Self Love

You don’t just wake up one fine morning and decide that you love yourself and everything falls into place. It’s a process of removing old patterns, of getting rid of unhelpful blocks which eventually leads to a change in the quality of your life. Self Love is not a destination that you hit once you do all this, it is rather the journey you undertake while undergoing these processes.

Jump in with both feet

It is no use sitting on your ass and wondering what you need to do next. It is action that helps you begin the process of self love. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are loved. Then move out and do something to prove it to yourself. Buy yourself a gift, pamper yourself, do something physical and tangible to prove that your love yourself. Don’t sit in judgment over what you are doing. Even if it is something silly like taking a painting class when your rational self is belittling you for wasting precious resources of time and money. Express your love for yourself freely. Let the journey be whatever it needs to be so that you can become what you are supposed to be.

Commit 100 percent

The path may not be clear. It may be meaninglessly meandering and have more bumps than you catered for. You may not be sure what decisions to take along the way and may feel frustrated. That does not make it any less real for your needs.  Once you have set off on the journey, understand that what is best suited for your growth is what you are going to face. Don’t get discouraged when you see others around you getting a better deal, or you feel that you are being short changed by life. Remember the Law of Attraction works the same for everyone. If they have something you wish for, you just need to manifest it for your own self.  

Focus on processes rather than outcomes

While it is a good idea to have a broad goal to look forward to, it should not become the bane of your existence. Allow yourself to take the steps that you feel are best suited to meet that goal eventually. Place your attention on the process and the experiences that you have along the way. Just like how Lord Krishna told Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, perform the actions you are meant to and don’t think about the rewards to come. Stay on the path long enough and everything you want will eventually come to you. All you need to do is decide what action you are willing to take today, to make your dreams of tomorrow a reality.

Affirmation – I am a divine child of the universe. Everything I do and say is fantastic, beautiful and loving. I love and accept myself just the way I am. I am perfect.

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

I Can Do It

The simple fact of life is that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If it is possible for someone you admire or envy to achieve what you want, it is equally possible for you to achieve it. All it takes is getting over that part of you which craves the security of life as it knows it now. With success comes change and that is never easy to handle. Many hope to have their dreams fulfilled but still continue to live the present lives they lead. Not realizing how foolish that sentiment is, they hope for change without letting change come.

Allow Your Soul to Evolve

We are here on Earth to grow, to learn, to evolve. As spiritual beings we have chosen a corporeal form to speed up learning the lessons that will help evolve our soul to the next level. Yet time and again we forget our divine origins and begin to believe the lie that we are our bodies. Give yourself permission to think beyond what is socially acceptable. To learn lessons that you came down to Earth for and to make up for all the lost time you need to start now. Each day you wait is like a day you have wasted away. Nothing ever stays the same and you need to change along with it. Fulfill the life purpose your soul has chosen.

Take Care of Your Human

One of the main reasons why we are unable to fulfill the life purpose we have come down to Earth with is that we get distracted by the human form. There are the five senses giving us sensory overload of pleasures of the flesh. Who then has the time to indulge in quite fortitude and think about matters more spiritual? This is where the soul needs to guide the human form. Take care of the physical needs of the body, but don’t get so lost in the desires that you forget your original purpose. Eat healthy, exercise well and ensure that your human is able to support the cause of your soul.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Distractions are a part and parcel of life on Earth. Some say they would achieve so much if they did not constantly have to care for others. This is just an excuse to pardon the distraction. Others feel that if they do not follow the ways of society they will not have money for their basic needs, so they must work and leave their life purpose alone. This is another distraction that you can do without. You need to put yourself in the driver’s seat and not let distractions like fear and anxiety lead you away from your life purpose. Don’t worry about things that may never happen, don’t plan for contingencies that are unlikely to come into play, instead focus on your passion.

When you stay true to the purpose of your life, your soul is happy and so are you. Affirm to yourself – “I live my life purpose with joy and abundance.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

I’m Not Ready Yet

Is that your excuse for not doing what you want to do? Let me tell you something, you are never ready for what you really, truly want to do. There will always be less money than you feel comfortable with, less time than what you need to prepare, and less support than what you would ideally like in your life. That should not stop you from reaching out with both hands for what you know you really want. Be it a career move, or a relationship crisis, no problem is solved if you take the stance – I’m not ready to confront this situation yet.

Finding Your Courage

Confidence is not something I lack in when it comes to doing things that I have rehearsed and perfected. However if I have to do something impromptu, I will most likely freeze and fall on my face, literally! The trick is to find your courage by picking up a routine that helps you to feel better prepared for the big change that you are trying to bring about. Pick your goal, then pick it apart. List the steps that you will need to complete to reach the ultimate plan. Are you trying to write a novel? Begin writing at least 500 words a day, it will surprise you how quickly you gain confidence in your ability to write.

Stepping Up to Do the Deed

There is a tendency to start out well and then just as things start rolling onto a bigger, better path to shut down. The fears that hold you in place are also natural. You know you are fated for something better but that will only come with the price of a distinct change. This means that you are not sure if you want to pay the price and shake up your old life to create the new one which you claim to say you want. A blueprint may be perfect but till the bricks and mortar take shape you really don’t get a feel of the actual building. Till you begin building, you will have no idea what you can achieve.

Finding Your Peace

It’s when you know that you are not yet ready completely, but that this opportunity will never come back that you finally take that leap. That leap of faith that puts your trust in your own talent, passion and skill. That allows you to think that no matter what gets thrown out at you, you will be able to handle it. When you finally manage to conquer that fear with your skill, that is when you will be rewarded with success and peace of mind. No one says it is an easy journey, and the toughest opponent you will face will be your own self doubt. Just keep on going and eventually you will find your peace.

Use these affirmations to keep your head in the game. Affirmations help keep you on track even as you invoke the Law of Attraction. “I am ready for my success now. I achieve the goals I set easily and effortlessly.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Several Reasons Prevent You from Living the Life You Want

There is a major prevalence of dissatisfaction among people today. No matter what stage of life they are at, be it a student in a college, a corporate employee, a self employed entrepreneur or a housewife who takes care of the home. Everyone is struggling with issues of low self esteem that do not allow them to live the life they want to. Even when no one is physically holding them back from living their dreams and achieving new ambitions, their very thoughts hold them back from scaling new heights.

1. Self Care is not Selfish

Most of us as reluctant to take the time out to do more of ourselves. We argue we don’t have the time or resources to pamper ourselves. We lie to ourselves and to the world. Lying doesn't take us anywhere but still we lie and for some, it becomes a habit. Instead acknowledge that you can take that art, dance, music, or photography class. You can scrape the money and time required for it if you put your full attention to it. If you take care of yourself, your needs, your dreams, you are not suddenly turning into a selfish person.

2. Our schedule does not reflect our true priorities

There is an exercise that I did in a time management class which asked us to represent our day with a circle, then divide it up based on the number of hours we pursued certain activities. The first time I drew my time wheel I was amazed at the huge slots of hours that I wasting in my 12 hour functional day. How much time do you spend on trivial activities during the day that do no matter? How much time to you spend on activities that you consider your true priorities? Found the imbalance, now fix it!

3. Adrenaline has become our main choice of fuel

We can’t sit still anymore as we believe that a person who is not on the go always, is wasting time. We want to be productive even at the cost of our health and relationships. That surge of adrenaline pumping through our bodies has become our addiction. We want to feel that high when we rush from one place to the other. There is no place to slow down and think about what we actually want from life. Until you do that, you are never going to live the life you want.

4. Drained by people, places and things

Think about the energy vampires in your life. The people who want to tell you all their troubles and listen to them whining when you have better things to do. The places where nothing ever gets done on time and you have to visit them a couple of times before you make even the most rudimentary of progress. The things that need to be repaired, but you keep putting off and struggling with. All these are draining your energy and preventing you from living the life you deserve.

5. Can’t afford it

Money is a major concern for all of us in the material world that we are living in. Most of us believe that there isn’t enough money to go around and this lie actually becomes the truth of your life. Don't be a perpetual liar. It ruins everything like a low death. Be firm with yourself when you think negatively about money. Tell yourself you can afford the new purchase that you want to make. It’s all a matter of faking it till you make it. Trust me, money will flow in where none was expected!

Build a Support System that you can trust and you can live the life you dream of. Another mistake many of us make is not paying attention to spiritual well being. Just as important as it is to have a physically healthy body , it is important to have good emotional health and that is where a spiritual bent of mind makes a huge difference! Love yourself and heal the world!

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