Friday, 27 May 2016

Do you remember your experience at the Heal Your Life workshop....
A group of people who were total strangers became a Soul Family 
You shared your tears, pains, joys, triumphs and laughter
You held the space for the other to Be and Become More of YOU
You wished to bond some more, stay back a little more
You Promised to Meet Again...
Rainbow Lightworkers brings to you a Golden Opportunity to fulfill that promise. We bring to you the Advanced level of Heal Your Life Workshop, a Residential(optional) Workshop where you spend 3 days by the beach falling in Love With Yourself and With Others. 

At  this 3 Day Residential (Optional) You Will Learn To
  • Explore A Whole New Depth Of Self Love
  • Release stuck limiting thought forms
  • Experience Powerful Meditations
  • Connect With Your Inner Child At A Whole New Level
  • Rediscover The Powerful Technique Of Mirror Work
  • Spend time surrounded by your soul family, where learning won’t be restricted to just the classroom
  • Acknowledge and Reawaken your connection with Unconditional love of the UNIVERSE
  • Form A Deeper More Meaningful Connection With Yourself

     And much much more…. 

Heres what our Last years Advance Heal Your Life Participants have to say about their Experience....
"It was so easy to let go of all the negative thoughts and attitudes which were deeply rooted inside me from ages.  Doing letting go with lovely members of my group was a relieving and refreshing experience. As I became a new person within, I was able to see them with new eyes and see the beauty in each of them.I can't thank enough my Three Angels that led me on this beautiful journey of self discovery- Azeelia, Leena & Evelet." - Ambika

“The power is within you. It always has been. How far are you willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and stir that power awake?”  - Louise Hay

“You were born to be loved, to be happy, to be prosperous and to feel great in your own skin!”

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