Sunday, 10 April 2016

I’m Not Ready Yet

Is that your excuse for not doing what you want to do? Let me tell you something, you are never ready for what you really, truly want to do. There will always be less money than you feel comfortable with, less time than what you need to prepare, and less support than what you would ideally like in your life. That should not stop you from reaching out with both hands for what you know you really want. Be it a career move, or a relationship crisis, no problem is solved if you take the stance – I’m not ready to confront this situation yet.

Finding Your Courage

Confidence is not something I lack in when it comes to doing things that I have rehearsed and perfected. However if I have to do something impromptu, I will most likely freeze and fall on my face, literally! The trick is to find your courage by picking up a routine that helps you to feel better prepared for the big change that you are trying to bring about. Pick your goal, then pick it apart. List the steps that you will need to complete to reach the ultimate plan. Are you trying to write a novel? Begin writing at least 500 words a day, it will surprise you how quickly you gain confidence in your ability to write.

Stepping Up to Do the Deed

There is a tendency to start out well and then just as things start rolling onto a bigger, better path to shut down. The fears that hold you in place are also natural. You know you are fated for something better but that will only come with the price of a distinct change. This means that you are not sure if you want to pay the price and shake up your old life to create the new one which you claim to say you want. A blueprint may be perfect but till the bricks and mortar take shape you really don’t get a feel of the actual building. Till you begin building, you will have no idea what you can achieve.

Finding Your Peace

It’s when you know that you are not yet ready completely, but that this opportunity will never come back that you finally take that leap. That leap of faith that puts your trust in your own talent, passion and skill. That allows you to think that no matter what gets thrown out at you, you will be able to handle it. When you finally manage to conquer that fear with your skill, that is when you will be rewarded with success and peace of mind. No one says it is an easy journey, and the toughest opponent you will face will be your own self doubt. Just keep on going and eventually you will find your peace.

Use these affirmations to keep your head in the game. Affirmations help keep you on track even as you invoke the Law of Attraction. “I am ready for my success now. I achieve the goals I set easily and effortlessly.

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