Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Love All Versions of You

There is the visible you that shows up in front of your colleagues. Then there is the inner you who can only show up in front of close friends. Not to mention the version of you that is known best to family members. The shadow you is one whom you try your best to ignore. The truth is that you are not just a simple person who can be understood in a glance. There are many versions of your personality, some loveable and others not so much that make up the composite you!

Can You Spread the Love?

When we speak of Self Love, it means that you need to integrate and shower love on all these different versions of yourself. It’s not enough to be a good person in public and love that image. You also need to be kind to yourself in private by accepting your flaws and character quirks. If you decide this is a good idea, you will pursue Self Love.  Initially there is a whole lot of enthusiasm to do this. To change the way you view yourself in a positive manner.

Watch Your Self Talk

Unfortunately we are creatures of habit. We rarely manage to change anything before we slump right back into old patterns. This destructive habit is not restricted to those who are new on the path to spiritual ascension, even seasoned veterans can fall into this trap. It just needs something ordinary to go wrong before you toss aside Self Love for Self Criticism. Suddenly your inner critic is flaying you with all the negativity possible and your bubble of love and security bursts.

Use Self Doubt as a Stepping Stone

Our behaviour needs to be supported by our thoughts if we want to develop Self Love. One of the primary motivators to keep loving yourself is to actually know what you want to do. Some of us don’t do anything related to our life purpose and feel frustrated. Others decide they have found their life purpose and begin working towards it, only to realize that it doesn’t really resonate with them after some time. To keep yourself motivated you need to dig deep into what you really want.

Keep Loving Yourself

The best way to stay on track is to do small tasks and approve of yourself. Do things that you know you are skilled at and if you can help someone else that’s an added bonus. The kickback of completing a task successfully can be a very happy inner voice that silences your inner critic. Show your inner child love and your Self Love will begin to peak. Be considerate of your own feelings and thoughts as you would be of another person’s. It will surprise you how well you begin to treat yourself in some time.

Affirmation – “ I love and accept all versions of me.  I become my own best friend and improve myself with every passing day.”

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