Sunday, 17 April 2016

I Can Do It

The simple fact of life is that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If it is possible for someone you admire or envy to achieve what you want, it is equally possible for you to achieve it. All it takes is getting over that part of you which craves the security of life as it knows it now. With success comes change and that is never easy to handle. Many hope to have their dreams fulfilled but still continue to live the present lives they lead. Not realizing how foolish that sentiment is, they hope for change without letting change come.

Allow Your Soul to Evolve

We are here on Earth to grow, to learn, to evolve. As spiritual beings we have chosen a corporeal form to speed up learning the lessons that will help evolve our soul to the next level. Yet time and again we forget our divine origins and begin to believe the lie that we are our bodies. Give yourself permission to think beyond what is socially acceptable. To learn lessons that you came down to Earth for and to make up for all the lost time you need to start now. Each day you wait is like a day you have wasted away. Nothing ever stays the same and you need to change along with it. Fulfill the life purpose your soul has chosen.

Take Care of Your Human

One of the main reasons why we are unable to fulfill the life purpose we have come down to Earth with is that we get distracted by the human form. There are the five senses giving us sensory overload of pleasures of the flesh. Who then has the time to indulge in quite fortitude and think about matters more spiritual? This is where the soul needs to guide the human form. Take care of the physical needs of the body, but don’t get so lost in the desires that you forget your original purpose. Eat healthy, exercise well and ensure that your human is able to support the cause of your soul.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Distractions are a part and parcel of life on Earth. Some say they would achieve so much if they did not constantly have to care for others. This is just an excuse to pardon the distraction. Others feel that if they do not follow the ways of society they will not have money for their basic needs, so they must work and leave their life purpose alone. This is another distraction that you can do without. You need to put yourself in the driver’s seat and not let distractions like fear and anxiety lead you away from your life purpose. Don’t worry about things that may never happen, don’t plan for contingencies that are unlikely to come into play, instead focus on your passion.

When you stay true to the purpose of your life, your soul is happy and so are you. Affirm to yourself – “I live my life purpose with joy and abundance.

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