Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Using the Law of Attraction to Improve Your Life

Are you one of those people who feel that the Law of Attraction is all bunkum? That you have tried your best to make it work and it never seems to actually do the miracles that you expect from it? Then you need to read this to make sure that you are using the Law of Attraction accurately. This simple guide will ensure that you can

List Your Issues, Problems and Complaints

My career is going nowhere! My Boss doesn’t even know how much I contribute to the team. My colleagues are impossible to work with.

I feel stuck in my relationship with my spouse. We don’t seem to connect anymore. The honeymoon period is long gone in this relationship.

No matter how hard I study, I never seem to get the marks I deserve. My teacher is out to get me, she will never let me score high in the tests. I just can’t study (Fill In the Subject).

No matter what stage of life we are in, no matter what age we are at, we are constantly using the Law of Attraction to manifest our outer world. Even if it is something we hate, we have manifested it because we have been focusing our attention on it.

Look for the Hidden Desires Buried in the Them

Now shift your focus. Think about the complaints you have listed in the first step. Do they really signal to deeper desires that you have? Do you want to be appreciated by your Boss at work? Do you want good colleagues to work with. Do you want a loving and demonstrative relationship with your spouse? Do you want to score really well on tests? Solidify the desire you have in every field that you can think of.

Make the Affirmations Even If They Seem Unbelievable

Do you feel strange saying the affirmation statements? Are they like something unbelievable at the moment? It’s okay. Even if you feel like laughing and being derogatory when you say the statements. Just make sure that you say these positive affirmations regularly. The energy shift will occur. Believe in that fact. This growth work is important for the energy shift to occur. Don’t give up saying your affirmations after a while because “nothing seems to be happening.” Trust me, there is plenty happening in the energy world that has not yet manifested in the real world.

Trust In Divine Timing

Don’t get disheartened when you don’t see instant results. The growth work is taking you through the stages of change that are required to break old pattern, to shift your consciousness and to make you a more powerful manifesting agent.  Know that when the time is right, what you have asked for or something even better is coming to you. Accept the fact that Source knows best and surrender your request. The Law of Attraction is infallible if you use it correctly.

Affirm – “I manifest my best life experiences in line with my life purpose easily and effortlessly”

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