Monday, 29 December 2014

Heal Your Life in the New Year to Usher in Contentment

Contentment is not a complacent and passive form that comes to a person sitting still. Instead, contentment is an active and creative state of mind. A full and satisfying state of being, which you aspire to reach by negotiating effectively with the circumstances of your life. As we get ready to start a new calendar year, you should take out some time to introspect on the year gone past. Think about the high points that brought you joy and celebrations. Be thankful for these beautiful experiences. Also consider the low points that caused you pain and grief. Give thanks for these experiences that let you grow.

Did You Meet Your Goals?

At the start of every year there is a long and impressive list of New Year Resolutions in your life. How many of these resolutions did you actually manage to hold on to through the year, and nurture and fulfill? For every goal that you managed o meet in the past you are rewarded with contentment in the present. Set more goals, realistic goals that help you heal your life. Make these new goals for the upcoming year as clear and easily measurable as possible.

Not sure how you can measure a goal? Suppose your intention is to become healthier look at these two goals.

“I will pay more attention to my physical fitness this year.”
“I will exercise for 15 minutes every morning this year.”

Both are good positive affirmations to have, but the second one is clearly measurable and better defined. You will find it much easier to complete and gain contentment when you meet it successfully each day. The more measurable goals you can meet, the more content your life will be in the upcoming year. So pay attention to each resolution you have and translate it into a measurable goal that also works as a positive affirmation!

Setting Goals for a Content Life

When you set out to heal your life you need to work on each aspect that is not to your liking.  As you set your New Year resolutions work on the four primary aspects of your life, even if you think that they are going well. Things can always be better if we just hold the intention to improve them. Make healthy intentions with regards to your relationships, your work, your health and your financial situation. Identify things that are currently problem zones and focus on these first.

Create good measurable goals to resolve these issues. If you wish to improve a specific relationship you should not have a vague goal such as “I will improve my relationship with said person.” Instead you should break it up into a number of small measurable goals. Start out with “I will call said person once a week.” Then add on “I have one meal each month with said person.” As you meet each measurable goal you will find that your relationship is improving and you will have more contentment in your life.

Affirmation: “What I see in my world is a direct result of what I have in my mind. I create contentment in all aspects of my life using the power of my mind.”

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Joy of Giving : Raising Socially Responsible Children

Christmas is round the corner and it’s the time of the year when people look forward to getting home and spending time with family. There is love and warmth in the home and also great food and lots of presents for all.  While those of you fortunate enough to have a computer and internet connection to read this article may take these things as a given at Christmas time, there are many people who are not so fortunate.

 Some do not have the health to celebrate while others do not have the wealth. Few many be estranged from their loved ones, others may be unable to travel home due to work. Whatever the reason, it is sad that there are people who may not be able to enjoy the holiday of Christmas and welcome the new year with their family and friends. This is where you can teach your children about sharing and the joy of giving.

Children are simple beings who radiate love. By merely being present in an old age home they will bring joy. By taking a few toys as gifts from their own stash to an orphanage, they will learn about caring for those who do not have as much as they do. By helping to feed those destitute people who are homeless, they will realize what a big difference a full stomach can make. There are so many activities that you as the parent can involve your children with during this time that are healing.

Not all parents are happy or willing to expose their children to those less fortunate than themselves. Perhaps it is a misguided sense of protecting them from harm that makes this decision for them. The truth is, there is no harm in spreading cheer and joy during a festive time. The children themselves come away with a more sober attitude when they learn how little it takes to help someone else. They learn social responsibility at an early age.

Yes, you must be careful what you choose to expose your young children to. They should definitely not be visiting anyone with contagious diseases, or violent attitudes. There is a limit to the amount of suffering that the tender heart of a child can accept. As the parent you play gatekeeper to your child’s safety and security. At the same time, do not let your fears overwhelm your children. Allow them to experience the fact that the world is not a perfect place. Allow them to know that you can heal your life with actions.

Sharing what they have with others less fortunate than them will give them an unparalleled joy. It will teach them about being compassionate to other human beings. They will learn to be more empathetic towards people not blessed with the same advantages that they have. Children who have a sympathetic and concerned nature will grow up to be gentle and loving adults. For the future of the planet, this is a species that we must encourage. So in the season of joy teach your children the art of sharing and allow them to understand the divine wisdom available to them.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Make Way for the Law of Attraction in Your Life

Essentially speaking the Law of Attraction is a metaphysical law which states that we attract to ourselves whatever we desire. If we wish for good health we attract it, if we want to find our soul mate we can attract him or her, even if we want some extra money we can attract it. However a negative thought pattern can make it extremely difficult to work well with the Law of Attraction.

 In the Heal Your Life Workshops we learn about affirmations, which are positive thoughts that we turn into regular thought patterns in our lives to attract what we want. Before this can happen we need to address the negative thoughts in our system and eliminate them. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1: Accept that a Negative Thought Pattern Exists and Must Be Replaced

As with any problem, the first step is to identify that a problem exists. A good way to identify negative thoughts is to become aware of negative emotions when they course through you. This could be anxiety, doubt, guilt, depression, a feeling of defeat, or even a sense of inadequacy. Anything that triggers a negative response emotion in you is a negative thought. When you feel like this, evaluate how often this thought hits you and if it is a pattern that you have not noticed before.

Step 2: Figure out the Trigger for the Negative Thought Pattern 

No thought in our head is isolated, as each one stems from some outside stimuli. If you have recurring negative thoughts, there is a reason for their existence and that’s what you need to trace. Very often these subconscious negative thought patterns have been inherited by our intellect from our early days with family. If your parents thought that you were a clumsy child, even as an adult you feel like a clumsy person, even when there is little physical evidence to support the fact. Once you know what the trigger is you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Recognize and Defeat the Trigger to Stall the Negative Thought Pattern

As an adult you are aware of the negative impact these thought patterns are having on your life, so you know you need to defeat them. Now that you know what triggers the negative thought pattern, you know how to recognize it the next time the trigger strikes. You will pull your thoughts away from the negative pattern and clear your mind.

Step 4: Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Affirmations

Once you have got rid of the negative thought and calmed the mind, you will now replace it with a positive, healing thought. This is where you need to form positive affirmations to help replace the old negative thought patterns with positive thought patterns. Some of this process will be time consuming and switching the mind pattern will take quite some effort on your part, but the end result of being able to make the Law of Attraction work flawlessly for you will be well worth all the trouble you take.

Affirm to yourself, “I build positive thought processes willingly and effortlessly to live a fulfilled life.”

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Free Will and the Law of Attraction

You are the architect of your own life. If you feel that you are not in charge of what’s happening around you, it’s simply not true.  While the situation may not be one that you appreciate, there is no doubt that your thought processes and attitude are directly responsible for the existence of the life situation that you are in. This is why it’s important for you to ensure that you always think positively about every aspect of your life. Heal Your Life workshops stress on the ability of a person to focus on positive affirmations, no matter what the individual is going through in their current life situation. This coupled with the Law of Attraction ensures that you bring what you wish into your life. 

Listen to Your Guidance

There is no single instance that will help you mould your life into what you wish it to be. This is a constant effort in progress. And every single moment of your life you can tap into guidance from the universe and your higher self which has chosen this life for your soul. You are presented with gentle hints, signs and symbols each day of your life. It is up to you to recognize them for what they are. No matter how bad or good your life situation is today, there is always room for improvement and your guidance will show you what you need to do. Affirm to yourself, “I easily receive guidance from my higher self and the universe.”

Use Free Will Wisely

Free Will is the ability of each individual to choose each action they take. Your higher self can only guide you towards your life purpose, but it is you who must use free will wisely and follow that guidance.  Actually take action based on what you have been shown. Whatever you choose to say or do will have a tremendous effect on your life. If you make the right choices you move towards a fulfilled life which allows you to meet your life purpose and be successful and happy. If you don’t you will always feel somewhat unsatisfied and frustrated with the way your life is. Affirm to yourself, “I use my free will wisely to follow my life purpose.

Harness the Power of the Law of Attraction

Just as the laws of chemistry and physics exist to regulate our knowledge of science, we have another set of metaphysical laws that regulates our souls. While some people may not believe in things like Karma, others know from experience that the concept holds true. Whatever action you take in the past has a reaction in the future. Not for nothing do they say that the crimes of the father are visited on the son. There is a lot of skepticism over the working of this law. Critics say that if things were so simple that we could have everything we desired, why is there any ill health or misery in the world.

Proponents say that to use the Law of Attraction effectively one has to be open to the universe providing for us. There has to be no doubt that what we ask for will be granted. You must use positive affirmations and visualization to ensure that what you wish for is clearly communicated to the universe. Plus there must never be an immediate doubting thought to follow your wish saying that there is no way that the universe can make this happen.  It’s only when there is faith mixed with desire that the universe is able to bring to us what we need.

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