Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Manifesting You Dreams : What Makes it Work

The Law of Attraction fascinates me and I’m sure you think a fair deal about it as well. Imagine, if you could actually turn your thoughts into everything you ever wanted in your dreams, wouldn’t that be just wonderful. That is what most of the people who work with the Law of Attraction claim to do, but for lesser mortals who are just beginning to work with the law, it is always a sort of “hit or miss” situation in the beginning. Here are some reasons why you may not be manifesting quite as well with the LOA as you wish to.

Your Order to the Cosmic Kitchen Keeps Changing

Ordering from the cosmic kitchen is simple, you just say you want something and you get it. Only trouble is you don’t get it immediately as the kitchen takes some time getting it ready. Unfortunately you wait for a while and decide that it’s not coming and then you change your order to something that you feel that is more likely to come to you. So you ask for something new and the cosmic kitchen throws out whatever ingredients it has prepared so far for the last order and begins work afresh on the new order. Cultivate some patience and have faith that what you have asked for is on its way to you. 
Don’t confuse the kitchen with too many changes.

Be Very Precise and Specific About Your Manifestation

When placing an order for a meal you know exactly what you want and will mention it all to the server who takes your order, but when it comes to manifesting from the universe the wants are so very vague. You want happiness, you want money, you want peace of mind and you give no inclination what will give you these things. Why not try manifesting fifty thousand bucks to take a no holds barred, vacation to Goa, where you can relax and have peace of mind as you watch the beautiful sunset at the beach. Now that is very specific and stands a far more chance of being manifested successfully than the first set of desires.

Accept the Importance of Divine Timing

The universe will only bring something into your life which you are ready to handle. No exceptions here. If it is something really good, you are ready for it. Even if it seems like a set of problems descending on you and you seem to be struggling for air, the universe knows that you are ready for the lesson that is coming through those difficult circumstances. Thus, you may have done everything right in the manifesting process and creative visualization, but if you have not made your own self ready to accept what you are asking for, it will not show up till it is divinely ordained. When things seem to be heading downhill, ask yourself what you need to learn from the experience and as soon as you pick it up you will be able to manifest the next positive thing you need.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Love Yourself Even More - Advance Heal Your Life Workshop

"It was an enriching experience for me ...I released lot of my emotions which were stored in me since God knows when ...and after these three beautiful days and nights too out came a better, fuller, rejuvenated and satisfied me ...I thank Azee, Eva and Leena for being there for me whenever I needed them  God bless you my angels ..and thanks to the wonderful soul group of friends I met there. Love forever ❤❤"

"At the Advance Heal Your Life Workshop I realized so much more about my hidden fears. I realized that in my darkest fear was my greatest strength and I had to lovingly let it go. Thank you Azeelia, Eva and Leena. You are such awesome teachers. 

Thank you for teaching me the process of releasing it all for this has  helped me tap into new things I would have never known I had hidden within me. I learnt so much more from the meditations in the garden and aura cleansing through sound healing. The experiences were beautiful and uplifting and I am totally motivated each day of my life to love myself love. All around me and grow more and more each day."

"Wow! An opportunity to experience a life changing experience at a different level.  Although I attended the Heal Your Life workshop twice, and each time a layer of untouched area got cleared, I still had an out of the box experience at the Advanced Heal Your Life Workshop.  


This workshop helped me to scrub away my insecurities at a deeper level.   It gave me great inner strength and the ability to tap into my own potential and self love.  That is when I noticed everything around me changing positively for my higher good.  A must experience for all to get that one thing we all long for in our life.  Thank you my lovely Azeelia, Evelet, and Leena for such a deep understanding of our needs.  God bless you all."

"Advanced Heal Your Life Workshop has had helped me feel "me"again with all my vibrant and happy energy that we are all born with. It made me feel "All will be Well." I just need to trust this Universe, Myself and God. As I moved through the varied activities I felt myself become a brand new person again, pure as a child, lovable and I was ready to give out love. This workshop made me see AND accept myself as I am. I saw that I was not perfect but I deserved love.

 It was so easy to let go of all the negative thoughts and attitudes which were deeply rooted inside me from ages.  Doing letting go with lovely members of my group was a relieving and refreshing experience. As I became a new person within, I was able to see them with new eyes and see the beauty in each of them.I can't thank enough my Three Angels that led me on this beautiful journey of self discovery- Azeelia, Leena & Evelet. ️"

"It was rejuvenating,fun filled,rebirth,detoxifying,amazingly lovable experience! It helped me to move forward. It was an exhilarating time for me. Thank you for all of you who were there and held that loving space for me."

"Heal Your Life Advanced is really great Workshop for anyone.As for me, after 3 days basking in my own self I have done many advances (Like PLR, SKY, Emotional Intelligence, Reiki2, Master Class for Independent Directors etc). Great healing from this WS which workshop helped me to release a lot within me. 

One can learn being positive but it takes some different tool like HYL Advanced for one to come even more closer to our own negativity inside us and then one knows it only while it is released. A must do for HYL 1 to do this Advanced HYL to take it to logical heights. Seeing is believing but believing some thing and then seeing it is really different. Learning is easy not unlearning, which is what this HYL Advanced Work Shop is all about. Thanks to Team Rainbow Lightworkers."
Arun Balwatkar

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Identify Your Patterns

Life is characterized with habits and patterns. You do something and expect something to happen in return. For instance, when the gardener sows a seed he knows that a seedling will burst forth from the ground after the requisite amount of time if he continues to water the soil and keep it moist. The baker knows that when yeast is added to the dough, the dough will double in size if left alone to ferment overnight and make the bread softer. The orchard owner knows that if he does not pluck the flowers of the tree, he will get to harvest the delicious fruit that is sure to form in just a few weeks time.

 Patterns and habits such as these exist everywhere around us. In the natural environment for sure and in the human world as well. For instance if the children make too much noise, mother will shout at them to tone it down. If a brother cut the hair of his sister’s  favourite doll, she will make sure that his favourite action figure loses its weapon, or some other form or retribution is sure to be forthcoming. If the boss seems unhappy, it is not the best time to present him with the plans for the office picnic because he is sure to refuse it in his present frame of mind. If your friend is feeling unhappy because she broke up with her boyfriend, you are going to take her out and feed her ice cream, or maybe take her out to a movie to make her feel better. 

These are easy patterns that lead you to form habits, but there are some patterns that you are unaware of.  There are some patterns in your life that may not always be in your best interest. For instance never speaking up when a family member bothers you by saying something, just to keep the peace. Trying not to be confrontational even when you know that you are in the right and the other person is in the wrong. Believing that you need to work very hard indeed to attain any measure of financial success. Sabotaging your own goals of weight loss and fitness by over eating or not exercising enough. These are behaviour patterns which do not work for your highest good, but you have them all the same.

They may arise from a number of limiting beliefs that you may have. The trouble is that till you identify your life’s patterns you are not going to be able to identify the limiting beliefs behind them. And a belief is merely a well entrenched thought. No matter how deep rooted a belief may be, it is just a thought which can be changed. By replacing the old limiting belief with a new positively charged affirmation it is possible to literally change the pattern of your life. All you need to begin with is to identify the existing patterns in what you see going wrong in your life. Think about it, what seems to never go right in your life? Now identify the pattern to get to that particular limiting belief.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Get off the Treadmill of Life

Most of us are in a tearing hurry. We are rushing off in the morning, hurrying home in the evening and running in between to get to various appointments. It is rather like the hamster in its cage running and running on the little treadmill getting nowhere. For a while it may seem good exercise, but after sometime you begin to question the need to do the same thing every single day with no end in sight. You begin to wonder about what else life has to offer, there must be something else to get excited about! It is only when the hamster gets off the treadmill that he sees what else surrounds him. You may have the power of sight, but do you really see the vision before you?

Slow Down

Trust me, there is no rush. Things get done even when you do them slowly. It is the slowly barbecued potatoes roasted on the coals that have the better flavour when compared to the instant roasted potatoes that you zap in the microwave. When you reduce your pace from frantic to fast you are still going by without noticing the beauty of life around you. So make a conscious effort to slow down your speed, no matter what the activity you are engaged in.

Be More Aware

A natural consequence of slowing down is that you begin to notice a whole lot more around you. Since you don’t have to stare so hard right in front of you all the time, you now can look at what lies on both sides around you. This makes you more aware of things that are happening around you, or patterns that you are repeating in your life. You begin to understand what is happening and why it is so. You begin to think about it all.

Gather Your Thoughts

Thoughts can be very confusing when they run in all directions. Let yourself know that there is no hurry to reach conclusions about all that you are becoming aware of. Thinking about where you are and where you want to actually be is good. However deciding that there is just one way to get there is not good. There is always more than one way to reach your final destination and you need to allow the universe to make it easier for you to reach where you are going. Pick out the most important thoughts that matter to you.

Relax and Accept Yourself

As you sift through your current thoughts you will realize that what you considered important five years ago is not longer as vital to your life as you thought it would remain. It’s a good idea to accept the changes that the years have brought in you. Relax as you try to figure out where you want to head out next. Have a game plan that takes into consideration your current needs and wants. And even as you fix up a new life strategy, remember to stay flexible for the unexpected googly that life may throw at you.

Affirm to yourself –“I am safe. I am standing in my full power. Every change I implement occurs easily and effortlessly. ”


Monday, 6 July 2015

Making Sense of Toxic Relationships

We are all nice people. We like to think that we mean no harm to anyone around us, so we get puzzled and bewildered when someone in our circle is belligerent and rude. In each relationship all we wish to do is be heard, understood and appreciated. Unfortunately we are very often disappointed in the way some people respond to us.  We end up wondering why such toxic people are part of our lives. No one in their right minds will attract such people, so it falls to reason that we need to do something to fix our mindset.

Your Relationships are a Reflection of Your Beliefs

Do you have a poor self image of yourself? Do you feel that you are not deserving of what a perfect relationship is defined by? Everything in your life is a direct manifestation of your own thoughts. You may say that you cannot control the behavior of so and so person, but in truth you do. That person is reacting to you the way you have willed them to react. We don’t take responsibility for what we have done. We give away our power and pretend that we never had it in the first place. Sometimes we even enjoy playing a victim. You need to accept that every relationship that you find toxic is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself in context with the specific person.

Create the Perfect Relationship with Yourself to Manifest it with Others

The idea behind having perfect relationships with everyone else is to ensure that you have a perfect relationship with yourself. If you find forging relationships frustrating, challenging and heartbreaking, perhaps you do not understand what you are looking for yourself. When you understand and love yourself, you are in a better position to figure out your fears.  Only then can you accept yourself unconditionally and then move on to accepting others in your life. Everyone who comes into your life with a challenging relationship is there to teach you something new about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.  

Take Back the Power to Create Your Perfect Relationships

As you think, so it shall be. No one but you are to praise for your perfect relationships and no one but you are to blame for your toxic relationships. If you accept the good in yourself you will also attract good people, but till you resolve your issues of fear, anger and frustration, you will continue to attract people who raise these issues for you all though the relationship. The power to love yourself is in your own hands. Unconditional love for yourself will result in the Law of Attraction bringing you relationships with people who give you unconditional love as well. Reclaim the power to make your toxic relationships terminate. Instead begin fresh relationships with these same people coming from a space of love and light.

Affirm to yourself: “I give and receive love, joy and respect in all my relationships.”

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