Thursday, 23 July 2015

Love Yourself Even More - Advance Heal Your Life Workshop

"It was an enriching experience for me ...I released lot of my emotions which were stored in me since God knows when ...and after these three beautiful days and nights too out came a better, fuller, rejuvenated and satisfied me ...I thank Azee, Eva and Leena for being there for me whenever I needed them  God bless you my angels ..and thanks to the wonderful soul group of friends I met there. Love forever ❤❤"

"At the Advance Heal Your Life Workshop I realized so much more about my hidden fears. I realized that in my darkest fear was my greatest strength and I had to lovingly let it go. Thank you Azeelia, Eva and Leena. You are such awesome teachers. 

Thank you for teaching me the process of releasing it all for this has  helped me tap into new things I would have never known I had hidden within me. I learnt so much more from the meditations in the garden and aura cleansing through sound healing. The experiences were beautiful and uplifting and I am totally motivated each day of my life to love myself love. All around me and grow more and more each day."

"Wow! An opportunity to experience a life changing experience at a different level.  Although I attended the Heal Your Life workshop twice, and each time a layer of untouched area got cleared, I still had an out of the box experience at the Advanced Heal Your Life Workshop.  


This workshop helped me to scrub away my insecurities at a deeper level.   It gave me great inner strength and the ability to tap into my own potential and self love.  That is when I noticed everything around me changing positively for my higher good.  A must experience for all to get that one thing we all long for in our life.  Thank you my lovely Azeelia, Evelet, and Leena for such a deep understanding of our needs.  God bless you all."

"Advanced Heal Your Life Workshop has had helped me feel "me"again with all my vibrant and happy energy that we are all born with. It made me feel "All will be Well." I just need to trust this Universe, Myself and God. As I moved through the varied activities I felt myself become a brand new person again, pure as a child, lovable and I was ready to give out love. This workshop made me see AND accept myself as I am. I saw that I was not perfect but I deserved love.

 It was so easy to let go of all the negative thoughts and attitudes which were deeply rooted inside me from ages.  Doing letting go with lovely members of my group was a relieving and refreshing experience. As I became a new person within, I was able to see them with new eyes and see the beauty in each of them.I can't thank enough my Three Angels that led me on this beautiful journey of self discovery- Azeelia, Leena & Evelet. ️"

"It was rejuvenating,fun filled,rebirth,detoxifying,amazingly lovable experience! It helped me to move forward. It was an exhilarating time for me. Thank you for all of you who were there and held that loving space for me."

"Heal Your Life Advanced is really great Workshop for anyone.As for me, after 3 days basking in my own self I have done many advances (Like PLR, SKY, Emotional Intelligence, Reiki2, Master Class for Independent Directors etc). Great healing from this WS which workshop helped me to release a lot within me. 

One can learn being positive but it takes some different tool like HYL Advanced for one to come even more closer to our own negativity inside us and then one knows it only while it is released. A must do for HYL 1 to do this Advanced HYL to take it to logical heights. Seeing is believing but believing some thing and then seeing it is really different. Learning is easy not unlearning, which is what this HYL Advanced Work Shop is all about. Thanks to Team Rainbow Lightworkers."
Arun Balwatkar

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