Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Expand Your Horizons to Heal Your Life

The vision the Universe has for us is far greater than anything the mind can imagine.” – Emmanuel Dagher.

The truth is that even though we hope that the Law of Attraction works, and we make up a couple of hundred affirmations to test it, our own mind limits the scope of what should be able to manifest. This is not to say that our mind is hindering what we want to create, but merely unable to come up with anything better without help. If you feel that the results that you get using affirmations and visualizations are not as good as what in your inner heart you know could be, try out these steps that Dagher has suggested.

1. Trust in the Universe, even when things don’t show up the exact way we “think” they should.
This trust or faith in the Universe is a point that needs to be developed. Whenever you feel that you begin to doubt that the Universe is listening, say a small prayer to keep you trusting. You could even have an affirmation to fall back on in these times of doubt. Say something like, “I believe that the Universe has great plans for me and I trust that everything good will be part of my life.” This will make sure that you stay open to receiving manifestations from the Universe which may be different from what you expected.

2. Let go of the details of how things should show up in our lives, so that we open ourselves up to even greater experiences.
Surrendering control does not come easy to most of us, unfortunately that is exactly what you must do if you expect the Law of Attraction to work miracles. Think about what Dr. Patricia Crane mentioned in her book, ‘Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen’, once you place your order in a restaurant you sit back at your table and relax. You do not rush into the kitchen to meet the chef and demand that specific ingredients only be used in the preparation of your meal. Instead you sit at your table with your friends and enjoy your time together before the meal arrives. That’s what you need to do for the Law of Attraction to work.

3. Treat every being we come in contact with the way we truly want to be treated, yes…even if they are not reciprocating it back to us.
In a way every relationship that we develop is about us, and not about the other person in it. It is I who sets the tone for each relationship in my life. From how you treat the maid who cleans your home,  to how you respond to your mother in law, to your boss in the office, each relationship you develop is just an extension of your own thoughts and beliefs. The way you act with these people is exactly how they respond to you. If you want to experience more positivity from them, you need to be more positive while dealing with them.

4. Always believe that something amazing is about to happen.

When you are positive and excited, you vibrate with high energy and draw more positivity towards yourself. By ensuring that your state of mind is always receptive to new happenings and possible miracles, you are inviting the Universe to make it happen. Expand your horizons to heal your life. Do not limit yourself to only what you feel can come into your life, instead allow the Law of Attraction to work with the Universe to send you pleasant surprises. Your life will be richer for this.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

The Secret to a Woman’s Happiness

The fact that we are all looking for happiness is undeniable. We are perpetually doing things that we hope will make us happy, either right away or sometime in the future. The truth is that even while we struggle to find happiness we are missing one key secret that can actually make each action in our lives turn into a rewarding one. What then is the secret to staying on top of most situations and remaining happy all the time? The answer is not one you would ordinarily expect, it is monitoring your menstrual cycle.

These words from an article written by Petra Ummenthun really struck me, “Every month women go through four subtle but powerful inner processes, that all have their own requirements. As a result of these processes, our bodies are continually sending us messages about our well-being, needs and inner states, but the question is, do we feel these signals and do we know what to do with them?” In most cases women think of their menstrual cycle as a necessary evil, the price we pay to be able to have those adorable babies. The process itself is often cursed and change in energy of the body totally ignored.

Finding Your Feminine Power

By ignoring the energy changes that occur in your body as you menstruate, you are denying yourself the opportunity to mingle with your natural rhythm. There are actually four distinct phases of the menstrual cycle and each one is connected with a set of physical changes and energy vibrations. There are usually 28 days in a woman’s menstrual cycle and this corresponds with the moon cycle as well. Each of these cycles can be sub divided into the four seasons of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer as well.

The first week is Winter. Day 1 is when you begin bleeding and this phase of winter lasts seven days. It also is symbolic of the New Moon in the moon cycle and of the crone. This is the actual menstruation phase. This is the period where life retreats inside. There is a lot happening within the womb but nothing is visible outside. In this period a woman should take a look at her values and intentions for the future.

The second week is Spring. This week is from day 7 to 14 and represents the Waxing Moon and the maiden. It is the pre-ovulation phase. This period carried the possibility of new life. Conception is the obvious physical manifestation, but this time is good to work with new ideas and thoughts as well. Consider starting new ventures whether big or small now.

The third week is Summer. Day14 to 21 are also part of the Full Moon phase and represents the mother. It is part of the ovulation phase. In nature fruits ripen in this season and for the woman too it can be a fruitful time. It is a period when you will have high energy levels and feel equal to dealing with whatever comes at you. A woman should consider reorganizing and making decision in this phase.

The fourth week of your menstrual cycle is Autumn. These are days 21 to 28 and are the phase of the Waning Moon and of the mother and crone. These are the pre-menstruation phase.  This is the season where the fruit is harvested and fields are cleared for a new planting. This is the week that your ovulation begins. In this time a woman should guard against stress which can increase mood swings and physical, uncomfortable sensations.

In order to be happy you should organize your activities based on the phase of the menstrual cycle that you currently are experiencing. Don't force yourself to do things that your body is not comfortable handling in that particular phase of the cycle. Therein lies the true secret to a woman's happiness.

The Rainbow Lightworkers recently conducted a Radiant Woman workshop which helped the participants truly understand their menstrual cycle and just how these phases could be possible barriers to their own happiness and success.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Heal Your Relationships to Heal Your Life

If the thought of a person bothers you, your relationship with that person is in need of healing. Depending on the intensity of your emotions, your sub conscious self is asking for intervention. It could be someone you meet every day, who irritates you no end. It may also be someone whom you have not spoken to in many years. The reasons for the rift are not important, what makes a difference is that you need to heal that relationship in order for your own self to be healed, peaceful and content. 

How do you begin to heal your relationships?
Identify the triggers.

A simple exercise that you can do is to write down all the things you feel when you think about that person.  You should start each sentence with the words “I feel…” then go on to describe the various emotions you feel when that person says or does something. 

For instance “I feel annoyed when you rearrange my books as per author, because I prefer to have them arranged as per genre.” Or “I feel irritated when you do not put the wet towel out to dry after your bath.” Or “I feel unloved when you criticize me in front of my friends.” Or “I feel exasperated when you ask for my opinion and then do the exact opposite of what I suggested.

There will be more than one emotion that bothers you and you should make a note of all of them. You can add more sentences later when they occur to you, so don’t worry if you don’t get them all in the first shot. 

Move on to healing.
Start with forgiveness. 

The mere fact that the relationship is tearing a hole in the fabric of your life means that you associate strong, negative emotions with this person. These emotions are what you need to deal with and release into a blanket of forgiveness. 

Read each statement that you made in your list, and make an affirmation to release the negative emotions associated with the situation and the person. An affirmation is a positive statement that allows your emotions to be released and the situation to be healed. You can make a single sentence your affirmation or choose a collection of them that sound right to you.

For instance here is a combination of various affirmations found in Louise Hay’s book, “Heal Your Body” “I am creating room for lots of love in this relationship. I am free of all irritations and annoyances and feel calm and loving. I forgive myself and (insert the person’s name here) for the past. My mind is cleansed and free to move into the new improved reality of our relationship.”

You can create an affirmation of your own or use this one. Just make sure that you say this affirmation to yourself every single day a minimum of fifty times. Does that seem like too many times? It should not take you more than seven to ten minutes to do so. Surely you can spend that much time to work on healing your relationship? The choice to lead a better life is in your hands.

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