Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Forgive Them for Your Health

There is a lot said about forgiveness as a tool for spiritual growth. By letting go of the resentment and negative feelings associated with “bad” situations from the past, one is able to move on to a lighter, more positive space. When you hold on to resentment you cannot be happy. You can’t manifest quickly with the Law of Attraction because instead of focusing on what you want to attract into your life, you are thinking about all the nasty things someone said to you in the past.

You can’t figure out why you are unconsciously sabotaging all the good in your life, but it all stems from the lack of forgiveness. The accumulation of all this negativity may also take a toll on your own health. There is a tendency for illness to gather in a person who is unable to see the positive aspect of life. That alone should be reason enough for you to let go of the past hurts and resentment by forgiving the people involved and the situation.

How to Forgive Someone You Are Not Speaking With

Many times the person who has caused you to feel hurt will not be on speaking terms with you. You may just never want to talk to them. Or they have moved away to a different city, state, country and you don’t know where they are. They may even no longer be alive. In this situation, you may wonder how you get to do forgiveness work. 

Simple Meditation Solution: One easy way to forgive someone in this category is to go into a meditative state and first connect with your own Higher Self. Here you clarify your intention to forgive the soul who has hurt you. Now let your Higher Self connect with the Higher Self of the person who you wish to forgive. As you feel the energy body of their Higher Soul say that you forgive them for all the transgressions that they have made. Make sure that you speak from the heart and if you like you may even say these words out loud. Speak as long as you wish and when you are ready to leave, bless the Higher Soul of the other person and travel back to your present space.

This is a simple but powerful meditation which you can repeat as often as you like with the same person, or even with different people at different times. The idea is to clear all the negative feelings that you are hanging on to in your soul’s energy body.

Using Affirmations for Forgiveness : You can even use this simple affirmation from Louise Hay when you do mirror work if you don’t want to dwell on a single individual or instance. Here is a single affirmation which encompasses all the past events without dredging up any negativity while you speak it out loud. You can choose to use this one or make up a more personalized version for yourself.

Affirmation : “I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love.”

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Creative Visualization and Healing Your Life

As a tool Creative Visualization is considered incredibly important by most spiritual healers. It can help you concentrate your inner power and bring into existence the reality you wish was yours. It allows you to manifest exactly what you want in an easy to understand manner. The more you use it, the easier it gets to bring your ideal life into existence.

What is Creative Visualization?

Simply put Creative Visualization is just your imagination at play. When you use your imagination to create a picture in your mind about what you wish to add to your life, you are creating your own future in a conscious manner. Most of us are already using this tool at a unconscious level. Haven’t you ever had the experience where something that you have been thinking about just happened to come to pass?

This is an example of the tool in use without your conscious awareness. Think about how much more powerful it would be when you are aware of what you are doing with Creative Visualization. It can be used to heal your life by targeting specific issues that are bothering you. It can be used to bring monetary prosperity and abundance in to your life. It can be used to find your ideal relationship and a whole lot more.

Controlling Your Fertile Imagination

If you are looking for love, but can’t help thinking that before you meet your soul mate, you are going to meet a number of “wrong” ones, you will. If you are looking for rewarding work, but can’t drum up the courage to leave your current appointment because you imagine finding that ideal job is impossible, you won’t.

You imagination is a double edged sword. It can give you exactly what you want, but at the same time it can also give exactly what you don’t want simply because you think about it so often. This is why it is important to ensure that your thoughts stay on the positive results that you want. If you can learn to control your imagination and keep it on positive images, you will manifest only positive results.

How to Create Your Creative Visualization

Essentially what you think about often enough, clearly enough and with enough feeling, you will bring into existence. Here’s how you can create your own personal creative visualization. Close your eyes and breathe calmly. Now imagine the idea, feeling, picture that you want to come to pass. Picture yourself when you have manifested this goal.

What are you looking like, who is around you, the more details you can add to the picture in your mind the easier it is for you to build your creative visualization picture. Once you have the image sketched out in your imagination, surround it with love and light. Feel radiant and happy as you will when you actually would have manifested this image. Feelings have powerful vibrations and how strongly you feel, will influence the ease with which you manifest the goal.

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dealing with You Sensitive Side

You believe in caring for others. You feel the pain of random strangers when you come to know about their loss. You are more emotional when faced with a tragic situation. You are extremely empathic with others about what difficulties they are going through in life. You are a sensitive and beautiful soul, but you seem to be up against a world made of stone. You seem to be getting hit by emotions, situations and people all the time and are unable to process it all in a wholesome manner. Here’s some help to let you make it.

Surround yourself with people who let you be your authentic self

One of the biggest problems with being super sensitive is the fact that you are always so worried about being misunderstood that you are super careful about sharing how you actually feel about people and situations. While you may think you are being polite and well mannered, the truth is that you are losing touch with the only person who truly matters in your life – you! If you need to wear an acceptable persona each time you are dealing with someone else, you will have a number of personas available to use, and none of them will be the real you. You will not be able to express your own thoughts and feelings freely, ever. So stick with people who actually like to listen to your true opinion about everything from a book you read, to the latest political discussion.

Turn down the noise in your life, stop the mindless distractions

To heal your life and love yourself, you need to be able to be the true you. If you keep reacting in the sensitive manner to everything around you, you will eventually become exhausted. This means that you need to cut to the chase, stay with the important stuff. Weed out the time consuming, energy zapping situations and people who float around your life like white noise. You need to pull the plug on them or else they will continue draining your power and energy. Don’t give in to mindless distractions and dramas being enacted in the lives of other people. It is their business, not yours.

Stop the violence that insults your sensitive side

Have you ever sat down to watch the news and felt absolutely gutted because of some violent story you just saw on the television. For most people fires, murders and terror attacks are a gruesome tale, but for the more sensitive ones, it’s almost like a prison sentence to having an awful day just thinking and rethinking about this story. Try and limit the violence in your life, be it in daily situations or even what you catch on the news or internet stories. Don’t become a bleeding heart and start posting about lost children, people who need surgery and all kinds of myriad depressing stories that can really take a toll on your positive attitude towards life.

Affirmation: “I live in the present moment. I am calm, serene and peaceful. I am surrounded by love.”

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Speaking Your Truth Is Not Detrimental to Your Relationships

When you have to tip toe around someone’s feelings, you begin to silence your own voice. You don’t want to say the wrong thing and upset someone, so you don’t say anything at all. If avoiding the disagreements allows you to be more peaceful, you think you can deal with it. Unfortunately over a period of time not being able to say what you really want to can leave you feeling frustrated and angry. Not communicating is an unhealthy pattern which breeds discontent and eventually rage. Don’t store up your anger inside your body. It is not healthy for your physical or emotional health to store anger within you.

How does your body react to inappropriate behaviour by a person?

There is a tightening in the gut which makes you tense. You are always wound up like a coil ready to spring. The hormones in your body are playing rampage not sure whether they have to fight or take flight. After spending more than a usual amount of time with such a person who angers you or causes you resentment, there is also a good chance that you will end up with a headache. All said and done, when you hold your words in and don’t communicate how you feel, your body is being punished for this.

Vent your anger in an appropriate manner

This does not mean that you should begin shouting back at a person who yells at you. It doesn’t mean that you need to behave in a less than gracious manner if you are not predisposed to it. Throwing temper tantrums may be a great stress buster for some people, but may not be an option for you. So you need to find a way to vent your anger in a way that it no longer causes you harm. There are a few simple things that you can do such as hitting a pillow, holding on to a tree trunk and yelling at the top of your voice, or even just going for a long walk or jog to burn off the edge of that anger. The idea is to allow yourself an outlet where you do not harm anyone else but don’t hold on to the feelings within.

Speaking you truth assertively and maturely in a neutral manner

These anger management techniques may help you deal with the symptoms of anger, but you need to truly eliminate the cause. This means that you need to be able to speak up and let the person know what you like or dislike in their words and actions. Ask for what you want even if you fear that they will not do it. Don’t treat them with kid gloves, all adults are well capable of taking care of themselves. If you are contributing more to the relationship and feel that is unfair, stand up for yourself. If you don’t you are only going to feel more let down, disappointed and rejected. As you begin to speak from your heart in an assertive but loving manner, you will begin to notice the changes in the relationship straight away.

Affirmation –“I speak my truth in public. I behave with love and compassion.”

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