Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Creative Visualization and Healing Your Life

As a tool Creative Visualization is considered incredibly important by most spiritual healers. It can help you concentrate your inner power and bring into existence the reality you wish was yours. It allows you to manifest exactly what you want in an easy to understand manner. The more you use it, the easier it gets to bring your ideal life into existence.

What is Creative Visualization?

Simply put Creative Visualization is just your imagination at play. When you use your imagination to create a picture in your mind about what you wish to add to your life, you are creating your own future in a conscious manner. Most of us are already using this tool at a unconscious level. Haven’t you ever had the experience where something that you have been thinking about just happened to come to pass?

This is an example of the tool in use without your conscious awareness. Think about how much more powerful it would be when you are aware of what you are doing with Creative Visualization. It can be used to heal your life by targeting specific issues that are bothering you. It can be used to bring monetary prosperity and abundance in to your life. It can be used to find your ideal relationship and a whole lot more.

Controlling Your Fertile Imagination

If you are looking for love, but can’t help thinking that before you meet your soul mate, you are going to meet a number of “wrong” ones, you will. If you are looking for rewarding work, but can’t drum up the courage to leave your current appointment because you imagine finding that ideal job is impossible, you won’t.

You imagination is a double edged sword. It can give you exactly what you want, but at the same time it can also give exactly what you don’t want simply because you think about it so often. This is why it is important to ensure that your thoughts stay on the positive results that you want. If you can learn to control your imagination and keep it on positive images, you will manifest only positive results.

How to Create Your Creative Visualization

Essentially what you think about often enough, clearly enough and with enough feeling, you will bring into existence. Here’s how you can create your own personal creative visualization. Close your eyes and breathe calmly. Now imagine the idea, feeling, picture that you want to come to pass. Picture yourself when you have manifested this goal.

What are you looking like, who is around you, the more details you can add to the picture in your mind the easier it is for you to build your creative visualization picture. Once you have the image sketched out in your imagination, surround it with love and light. Feel radiant and happy as you will when you actually would have manifested this image. Feelings have powerful vibrations and how strongly you feel, will influence the ease with which you manifest the goal.

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