Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Living in Grace Everyday

Living a full life is not so much about having branded clothes, eating delicious food and living in a fancy home, as being happy wearing what you have, sharing the meal with a friend and being grateful for the shelter you have each night. The rich in their mansions can be unhappy while the poor in their little hut can be full of joy. What gives us happiness is not so much the physical possession of material things but the gratitude we show for what we have. When we live in grace, we are truly blessed.

The first step towards living in grace is to show the universe that we are indeed thankful for all that it has given us. Think about it, when was the last time you said thank you? Instead of taking for granted the breakfast that you eat as you rush down to your car and begin the battle of another day, sit down and say thank you. Show the gratitude that you will for something beautiful that lights up your day to the smaller more mundane things and soon you will find so many more things coming your way that you are truly grateful for.

One good way to say thanks is to pray. I am not going to promote religion over here. There is no right or wrong way to pray. Every religion has its own manner of reaching out to Mother Father God. However that does not make it the only way to reach out to the universal power or spirit which connects us all. Each of us has a divine spark within us, and it knows exactly how to connect with the brightest light in the universe.

By honouring your own inner spark’s wisdom you are living in grace. Respect that little voice inside you that comes bearing advice saturated with love. Don’t let the ego based fear get to you with its thoughts of doubt and disbelief. Remember you are a divine child of this universe and you have all the wisdom you need to survive within you. As long as you hold true to the intention of living a life from a heart space filled with love, you will continue to live in grace. So begin by thanking everything and everyone around you who helps to contribute to your successful day.

Thank the alarm clock that allows you to wake up in time in the morning. Thank the home that shelters all your belongings and loved ones. Thank the food that nourishes you through the day and thank each individual person in your life that plays a part in allowing you to pursue what you wish. Thank your family for supporting your desires and thank your friends for walking down tough paths with you. Thank the opportunities that come your way. As you continue to thank them each day, you develop the practice of living in grace every day.

Use the affirmation – “I am a miracle child of the universe. I am grateful for who I am.”

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