Saturday, 22 August 2015

Connecting with Your Divine Spirit

Each of us is a combination of three main elements: Mind, Body and Spirit. The body we can see, the mind we can experience in our many thoughts and opinions, but the connection with Spirit is tentative at best and nonexistent at worst. The Universe, the Source, God, or Spirit, it doesn’t matter what you call it, can be a frightening concept to grasp. We have forgotten that we are a part of the whole, and inaccurately believe that we are different from what has created us.

The truth is that there is divinity in you and me. There is a spark of the Universe, Source, Spirit or God energies in each of us in existence. This is the philosophy of “Adwaita”, you and I are one. Our worldly wisdom gives us the mistaken believe that you and I are separate, but in truth enlightenment just brings this one shift in knowledge to show us that we truly are all a part of a single energy entity. This begs the question if everyone has God Spark, why is there so much misery in the world?

Soul Contracts and Life Purpose

Life is not exactly all sparkly things and magic dust for you at present because you choose it to be that way. If you are facing a crisis you have picked it out to experience even before you were born in this body on the planet. Before you enter this life your soul had made a contract with the Universe, Source or God Spark about what you need to experience and learn in this life time. You plotted out the life situations that would cause you to learn lessons that would help you complete your life purpose. Even your life purpose was fixed in the approximately two years of earth time that you spent with Spirit to define the entire unfolding of your life on earth.

Enter Free Will

So if everything is already fixed up between your Soul and Spirit does that mean all you have to do is show up and suffer through it all? Not really! When you take on the vibrations of a physical body on the planet you also gain a tool called “Free Will”. This is where you choice matters. You may encounter the life crisis that was previously discussed and then you have a choice to react to it in the way you like. The most optimum route would be to seek out the lesson and having learnt it, proceed towards your life purpose. However very often we miss that lesson and so Spirit needs to bring about another life crisis, and another till we finally take note of the lesson.

Once you learn your lesson and make the connection to your own Divine Spirit life becomes effortless. All that you need to do to achieve your life purpose begins to fall into your lap. If you need help someone offers to teach you how. Knowledge gaps that are missing get filled in by books gifted to you. Ideas that you never thought of implementing are presented to you. In short you come into the flow of the process of life and are easily able to fulfill your destiny as decided by your own Divine Spirit. Now isn’t that a place you would want to be?!

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At 1 November 2015 at 21:11 , Blogger chander said...

Any suggestion on getting into the flow of process of life in order to get intuition/hints/guidance//knowledge/apt circumstances to acquire that knowledge gaps missing to get to fulfill the life purpose... thanks.. Chaand, Chennai 9840471843


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