Thursday, 3 September 2015

Heightening Your Intuition

What is intuition? It is your sixth sense, the one that lets you know who’s at the door before you open it, or who is on the phone before you answer it, or which child is going to hurt himself before he does it, is part of your intuition. Intuition is a natural ability processed by everyone, man, woman and child. It is like a muscle, and the more you exercise it the more intuitive you will become. It is difficult to define intuition. It is just a sense of knowing what is what without being told.

 Listening to this intuition is just like tuning in to a specific radio station. You need to cut out the distractions and focus solely on the signal coming in. That way you can pay better attention to what you are being told by intuition. There are some ways that you can heighten your intuition to get clearer and less mysterious messages.

1.       Let the mind be quiet:  When you think you are in a manner of speaking talking, but when you still your thoughts you are in a better place to listen to your intuition. Many people find simple meditative practices a great way to enhance this quiet in the mind. The idea is to focus on a single symbol or mantra and when any other thought enters your mind, you release it consciously and bring back your thought to the symbol or mantra that you are focusing on. This could be something like “Om” symbol or the mantra “I love and approve of myself.” Use whatever you find comfortable.

2.       Play with your intuition: When you make it a game you are less stressed and easily able to focus on what is coming through. A simple game is to make a sign for yes and no in your head. Just like a thumbs up or thumbs down, or maybe the colour red for no and the colour green for yes. You can pick any sign, then ask your intuitive knowledge a question that your conscious mind does not know. Now look for the sign which pops up first in the head, is it yes or no? Check later to see if you were correct. The more you practice the better you will get at answering these random questions right.

3.       Pay attention to your dreams: intuitive messages come through very easily when your conscious mind is at rest while you sleep. In case you are looking for intuitive guidance for a specific situation you can try to get this in your dreams. Before you sleep at night consider the problem that you wish to find an optimal solution for, think of the problem and possible ways to resolve it, then mentally ask for the best solution to present itself to you. The next morning as you wake up again bring your mind to the problem and see what solution sprung to mind in your dreams.

If you feel strongly about the guidance you receive you are propelled towards a course of action which may not seem logical, but which your intuition convinces you is the best under the circumstances. More often than not people who are tuned in to their intuitive guidance are lucky to escape many hardships that befall others of their acquaintance. Just trust in the fact that you are getting the best advice through intuition. 



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