Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Why Can’t I Live Up to My Full Potential?

The end of the year festive season is here in India, starting with Dusherra and ending only with the New Year Eve’s bash. There is so much to do in order to get ready for the festivals and so little time. It is also a good period of time to reflect on what all you were able to achieve this year. How many of your new year resolutions have you brought to fruition and which ones fell by the wayside? It’s time to take stock of where you are at present and where you would like to be next year at the same time. 

Nothing burns more in our consciousness than to have the freedom to follow our dreams and achieve success. Each and every one of us wants to be victorious as we battle our inner demons and face scary challenges. In theory anyone can achieve whatever they want, if they want it badly enough. In practice, it can be daunting to even take the very first step. Here we speak about the two main reasons that hold you back from living up to your full potential.

The Fear of Failure and Success

Most of us fear not only failure, but even the changes wrought by success. When you conform to what you have been taught all your life, there is little chance of anything spectacular happening. There is a prescribed road-map for mediocrity which all middle class children are given.  Study hard, get good marks, get into a good professional college, be selected for a well paying job, marry and settle down to enjoy the same life that your parents had. 

You can live your whole life doing exactly what you have been told to do in this road-map, achieving neither great success nor any major failure. The questions to ask are: what if this is not enough? What if you feel that you are not living your true life purpose? What if you could follow your inner dreams and do what you actually wanted to do? The answer is not so simple for most of us. There are responsibilities to be balanced with dreams in the weighing scales.

The Doubts and Distractions that Cost You Your Dream

Each dark cloud overhead can rain on your parade. Each problem you encounter can veer you off course. When you live life spontaneously you do not allow your doubts to overcome your actions. However what you need is not a set of thrills but inner guidance to follow your dream. This is where Louise Hay’s philosophy based on the Law of Attraction can help. It helps you manifest what you actually desire, including living up to your full potential.

Anchor your affirmations with beginnings such as “I am…”, “I have…”, “I create…”, “I affirm…”, and “I choose…” Do not be afraid to ask for things that your heart desires, but at the same time allow the universe the choice to give you “This or something better.” Be open to the blessings that the universe may bring you, which at first glance you may not recognize. Allow yourself to achieve your life purpose by affirming, “I choose to live up to my full potential in all walks of life.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Building Loving Relationships to Heal Your Life

The relationships you have in your life are a good gauge of the quality of your life. The more loving relationships you have with others the healthier you are. The more negative and energy zapping relations that you have in your life, the unhappier you are. A lot depends on you and your attitude to determine the kind of relationships you attract to yourself. 

Is Everyone Out to Get You?

Some people are always complaining about the quality of people who come into their lives. To hear them speak one would think that the universe conspires to send every cheat, low brow, hoodwinker and trickster to interact with them. Now those of us who study the Law of Attraction know that nothing happens by chance, as everything we experience we attract into our lives.

So the actual problem is that these people are so busy thinking the worst of people who come into their lives or worry so much about meeting the wrong kind of people who will take advantage of them, that they repeatedly manifest such people in their lives. Since such people show up repeated in their lives, they feel justified in having suspicious natures. It is a vicious circle that they can not break through. 

Beating the Vicious Circle with Love

The way to draw loving people into your life is to radiate love to those whom you come in touch with. For any sensible person it is difficult to imagine that a person committing a fraud  may decide not to do so just because you send him or her loving energy waves. It seems too simplistic a solution, but we know that it is possible. When you expect the worst of people you are not disappointed when they let you down.

However when you expect the best of people you somehow make them unwilling to disappoint you. The person concerned feels that he or she can not let you down, and so automatically goes on their best behaviour where you are concerned. Try it! The next time you feel someone is about to rip you off, send them loving thoughts such as I know you will do your best by me or I trust you to do what is correct in this situation. You may have some interesting things to observe.

Overcome Your Barrier by Using Affirmations

At first when you begin to send love waves out to people you do not really care much about, you are bound to feel foolish. A part of your mind will ask you what on earth do you think you are doing? This doubting portion of your mind is your ego. You need to understand that the ego feeds on negative emotions. Pride, anger, guilt, these are all manifestations of your ego. So when you connect to your higher self with love and decide to heal your life, you are essentially kicking the ego out.

Naturally the ego must fight for survival. This is why it causes you to doubt your actions, thoughts and words. The truth is that when you embrace love, you will find that it flows out from you and returns to you from other people. There is no place for the ego in such a set up. So accept its shenanigans and lovingly let them go. The relationships in your life will turn more loving and will in turn make you a happier and healthier person.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen : The Law of Attraction

For most people it is very difficult to imagine that they can have whatever they want. Since childhood we are engrained with the philosophy that to achieve anything in life you need to work extremely hard. The metaphysical aspect of the Law of Attraction is seldom explained to us and we get conditioned to thinking that anything worth having has to be worked hard for. When someone comes along to tell us that it is possible to get what we want simply by asking the universe for it, skepticism is the first response.

How Do You Place an Order at The Cosmic Kitchen?

Affirmations are powerful sentences that are used to attract what you desire into your life. Think of these sentences as an order placed to the Cosmic Kitchen which will present you with whatever you wish. For instance a simple affirmation that all of us could use is "I effortlessly complete all my work with ease". Of course not everything is possible immediately even when you are invoking the Law of Attraction. The eight principles for creating effective affirmations hold the key to ensuring that you actually get your order right. Learn about these principles and use the edge to create your own powerful and fulfilling affirmations.

What Aspects of Your Life Can You Influence Using The Cosmic Kitchen?

By placing the right orders to the Cosmic Kitchen you can improve career prospects, increase prosperity, provide financial security, develop loving relationships, improve your health, enjoy traveling to places of interest, and solve your housing problems. This is just an indicative list, your affirmations can influence any aspect of your life that you are currently dissatisfied with. The Law of Attraction does not think that you are greedy when you ask for the best of everything in life because you deserve it. In fact your firm belief that you deserve the best will ensure that the best of everything actually comes to you. 

Clearing the Old Menu Orders

Even though you were not consciously aware of it, you have been placing orders with the Cosmic Kitchen ever since you were born. Some of these orders have helped you, while others have cluttered up your life with complications that you could well do without. Before you place new orders it is a worthwhile exercise to consider the old menu orders that already exist. Learn to recognize the patterns that you have created in your life with these old orders. If they are not in sync with where you want your life to head, clear them out.

Unsure of How You Can Access The Cosmic Kitchen?

Attend the Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen Workshop on 11 October 2014 at Life Positive Soul Space, Andheri East, Mumbai, India. This life transformational workshop is available at an investment of Rs 4,800.00  The Rainbow Lightworkers are hosting this workshop based on an amazing book called Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations by Dr. Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. The workshop will be lively and entertaining, and you will go home with powerful affirmations to create positive results in your life!

If you would like more information on the workshop please contact the organizers at 09789881356 or 09820607573. If you prefer you can email them at - rainbowlightworkers@gmail.com

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Monday, 6 October 2014

My Best Relationship is the One I Have With Me

Our relationships define us. When asked by a stranger who you are, you will tell them your full name. The first name is yours but the surname speaks of your family. The exention of yourself and all your relationships on this planet comes from that name. It defines your parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse and children. Each relationship in your life, be it in the immediate family or in your friend circle, speaks a little bit about who you are. It gives the stranger a glimpse into the kind of person you may be.

Intimate Stranger

Unfortunately there is one person who even you are unacquainted with despite being with all the time. It is your higher self. This part of you is vibrating at a higher sphere of consciousness and is beautifully connected to the pure energy of the Universal Spirit. It is the part of your soul that connects your gross body with the ethereal reality of the spirit being that you truly are. It is ever present with you for guidance and support, but you are too busy on the lower plane of existence to pay attention to this intimate stranger who lives with you. The good news is that it is easy for you to connect with your higher self. There are no barriers here except the ones put up by your own ignorance. All you need to do is be more aware of what this inner guide is asking you to do and you will see a huge improvement in your life right away.

Trouble in Paradise

If you ever feel that you are not following your life's true purpose, that you seem to be wasting your time in your current job, or that some key relationships are not working out the way you want them to, all you have to do is ask your higher self for guidance.It may seem like an alien concept to ask yourself for help. However you should know that your higher self is wise and well connected to the Universal Spirit. It knows why you have taken this birth on planet Earth and is rooting for you to find and finish your life's true purpose. We usually feel uncomfortable or face problems when we are not on the path that we chose as our destiny before we were born into this current body. The minute you begin to walk the path you were meant to, it becomes an easy journey for you.

Introduce Yourself

Make the effort to introduce yourself to your higher self. It may seem like something amusing at first. After all how do you meet your own self? In this case you need to meditate on your higher self and connect to that part of you which is ever present but hidden.Try and understand what your true life purpose is. Ask for guidance each time you feel confused. Open your heart to the love that you can receive. Leave behind all your barriers and limiting beliefs. Accept the divine wisdom that will flow into your heart and mind as you connect to your higher self. Use affirmations and meditation to make this existing connection stronger and clearer.

Affirm to yourself - My best relationship is the one I have with me

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