Thursday, 30 April 2015

From Passive Inaction to Proactive Creation

How often have you felt victimized by other people’s negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hate, or even power plays? Have you felt that helplessness wash over you as you watched them and did not have a clue about how you should respond. Or have you been on the other end of the spectrum and demonstrated with loud voice and actions just how unfair you thought their actions or words were? 

Instead of becoming a victim of circumstance, wouldn’t it be lovely if you could choose to be in control of all the situations around you? If you were seen, heard, valued, supported and understood by everyone whom you had interactions with? Guess what? You can actually take charge of your own life and everyone in it and everything that happens to you!

Change Your “Interpretation”

Every situation that you become involved in arises not just from what the other people around you do, but also from how you react to it. Take for example a simple everyday occurrence such as entering the door and bumping into another person trying to go through the same door at the same time. This could happen in the house with a family member, in the office with a colleague from work, or with a total stranger in a shop in the mall.

Now examine the reactions you give to each of these individuals. The family member will get an exasperated, “Why can’t you watch where you are going?” There may be irritation in the voice and barely disguised hostility. The work colleague will get a rough, “Sorry” as you barrel away to whatever task you are undertaking. However the total stranger in the mall will get a smile and a “I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.” He will probably reply with a smile and an “it’s alright,” as you both head away from each other.

Notice how courteous you were to the total stranger and how rudely you spoke to your family member? The situational “bump” was exactly the same in both the cases, but what changed the circumstances were your different reactions to it. You want to be thought of as a nice person, so you go out of your way to make the words spoken to a stranger sweet, but are you really such a nice person when you cannot be civil tongued to a member of your family whom you profess to love?

Create What You Want

Think about it, the stranger is in your life for a few minutes, the family member for life! Who should you be more courteous to? Wouldn’t it make more sense to proactively be nicer to people who are going to be round for the longest time in your life, rather than taking them for granted? Create the kind of loving relationships that you wish to foster by being proactive in your responses to the people who matter the most.   
Affirm that you will always react in a positive and helpful manner to everyone you love, to everyone who matters in your life. Then observe the difference in the way your life’s situations unfold.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Let It Go : Trying Too Hard Won’t Win It

Surrender is an art form that human beings today do not understand. Letting something go is seen as a weakness rather than a strategy. The marketing professional must pursue his targets, the salesman must meet his goals, the school student must make straight ‘A’s in all exams, the house wife must have a perfect home all the time. No matter where you are in life, you are expected to push, try harder, and always exceed expectations. This seems to be the order of things in the modern world, but it is not true of the natural world.

Observe How Nature Lets It Go

The seed you plant does not expect you to sit around waiting for it to sprout. It expects you to plant it, water it occasionally and let it go. The tree does not expect you to sit and watch while its flowers ripen into fruits. It expects you to protect it from animals and let it grow. The family pet does not expect you to play with it and teach it tricks all the time, it is happy to sit in your lap while you stroke its fur and let it go. The Law of Attraction, also, expects you to let it go once you have decided on exactly what you need to attract into your life. Part of the reason people find manifesting with the LOA difficult is because they can’t let go.

Why Can’t We Let It Go?

Emotions! Pride, fear, guilt, anxiety, to name a few. We are so keyed in about other people’s response to our behaviour right from birth that we hate to disappoint anyone. There is no way I am going to let it go and lose the hundred meter race when my parents are sitting in the crowd cheering for me on my school sports day. How can I risk the anger of the boss if I do not manage to convert this client lead today. I am not a good housekeeper unless I manage to clean out all the cupboards in the house and ensure no clothes are out of place. What is the emotion you dread experiencing when you drop the ball? Think about it, think about how it is affecting your life and crippling your reactions.

Release the Crippling Emotions

Keeping up with the expectations of others keep our own emotions swinging from the positive to the negative and all shades in between. The truth is that while the people in our lives may have to suffer a small disappointment if we are unable to deliver the goods, they will get over it. There is no need to make our lives a living hell full of stress and anxiety just to please others. The only person who you should be concerned about pleasing should be yourself. And when that is actually true, you will realize that to let it go is easy.

This is why you need to affirm to yourself : “I do my best in every situation, and I am happy with the results I generate.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

NO! : How Often Do You Use This Word?

Our words are powerful. Each word has a strong energy attached to it. And nothing is quite as strong as the simple two letter word –NO!

Do a quick reckoning of just how many times you use this word in a single day. When I was asked to actually keep track of the sheer number of times I use this word, I never thought my count would be very high. I am usually a very positive person, but I was astounded at the number of times I said the word no, or any of its variants in a different language, throughout the day.

Think about it, a friend relates an amusing story and you say, “No! Really? You did that?”
You miss the bus and instantly curse out loud, “Oh! No!”
Your mother asks you on the phone if you will be coming to a cousin’s wedding next week, “No, no, no. I don’t have leave,” you respond.
A car manages to splash water from a road side puddle on you and you shout out in horror, “No!”

As you begin to focus on your language and record the number of times you say the word “No” you will be surprised at the number of times you say it. What you do not understand is that by repeating this word ever so often, you signal to the universe that you prefer vibrating at the frequency of No rather than to the frequency of Yes.

In order words, you are happier avoiding whatever the flow of life will bring to you rather than embracing it. Changing the way we speak can actually make us become more positive in life. The next time you want to say the word No, think about it for a second. Can you perhaps replace it with another word which may be more appropriate under the circumstances?

For instance in the situations mentioned earlier, you could say, “It is difficult for me to imagine that you did that.” Or “I am going to be late if the next bus doesn’t come quickly.” You could say to your mother, “I would enjoy attending the wedding, but there is too much work in the office right now and I doubt that my boss will sanction my leave.” And while you are bound to be upset when someone splashes you on the road, try not to curse but take it in your stride. You get the idea.

Do this simple exercise

Take a guess as to the number of times you say this word each day. Now keep track of all the times you say” No” for a single day. Get the actual number and compare it with what you thought you would say. Is it higher? Then you need to work on improving the vocabulary you use by including more positive energy associated words with it. If it is lower, are you sure you counted correctly? If you are a positive person already, consider this just another reminder to ensure that you stick with high energy words in your speech.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

3 Simple Steps to Overcome Blocks to Manifesting Happiness and Abundance

If you feel that you should have more joy in your life, or more money, or more time, or more health, or more of anything that you are currently lacking, you may like to follow these three simple steps to attract that into your life. The Law of Attraction works on the premise that where your mind goes, your circumstances will follow. We use this law extensively to help us manifest our desires. Yet, while some people have no trouble manifesting all manners of goodness into their lives, others swear just as forcefully that the law is bunkum and does not work.

The Believability of Your Desire

It is easy to say you want to earn a million bucks each month. You can even visualize with great clarity what all you would do if you had that kind of money to play around with. You know what your lifestyle will look like and the vibrations that you get from the visualization feel awesome.  You even manage to make more money than you have been making till date. So far so good, then why are you unable to manifest that million a month? The trick lies in believing what you desire can actually come to you.

The Believability Test

Think about the desire that you have outlined above – to earn a million a month. It is not a difficult desire. There are several people in the world who are already earning that kind of money. So why is it that despite wanting the money, and doing your visualization you are unable to attract it into your life? This is a block. The truth is that your conscious mind does not truly believe that you can have that kind of money. This doubt is then transferred to your subconscious block which is the part of you responsible for manifestation.

3 Steps to Overcoming Your Doubt

These three simple steps can help you overcome your block and show you that you truly can have whatever you want to manifest.
  1.    On a Scale of 1 to 10 : Once you have stated a desire and written it down, look at it and ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you believe this can happen. Here 1 means never going to happen and 10 means absolutely possible, almost immediately. If your belief is lower than 7, you need to readjust the desired goal. If you are not comfortable manifesting a million a month, say you are going to manifest fifty thousand. Check what it does to your believability? Once your belief is in the 8 to 10 range on the scale proceed to the next step.
  2.     Flood Your Brain with Success : Read about every person who managed to achieve financial success and now earns that million a month. Follow their life path, and draw similarities to your own. Tell yourself that you are going to follow them on the same financial trajectory. That you are also going to earn money the same way that they are.
  3.    Say Yes Please and Thank You : The universe is waiting to bring your desire to you. Just remind yourself constantly to ask for exactly what you wish. Each time a portion of what you asked for shows up say a heartfelt thank you to the universe for bringing it to you. Your gratitude also vibrates in sync with your future manifestations.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

Lighting up your heart with happiness is sometimes as simple as doing something unselfishly for someone else. It does not have to be a huge deal, it could be something as simple as keeping the store door open for a mother pushing a pram. Or allowing the person standing in line behind you to step in front of you for billing at the supermarket. Or giving a stranger a smile and a flower. 

The idea is to simply put a smile on someone else’s face by performing a random act of kindness. The funny thing is, when you see that smile on a stranger’s face, the one that your action put there, it automatically gives you a warm feeling inside your own chest.  The smile on the face of the receiver is often reflected back on the face of the giver.

Making time for kindness

Being kind is not something that you need to be taught. Most children are kind to all strangers that they meet. They will bring their toys to play with other children they see and share them easily. It is only later in life when our perception is coloured by all kinds of distasteful things that we become cynical and suspicious. This makes it difficult for us to be kind to people as we are distrustful of their true motives.

We are worried that by opening up our heart and generosity to someone who does not deserve it, we will be left looking foolish and vulnerable. In order to protect ourselves, from the possibility of getting hurt, we decide not to let anyone in. The trouble is when you shut the door nothing, neither good nor bad, can come in to your life. So make time for kindness to others and you will find it flows right back to you.

More you give the more you get

The Law of Attraction ensures that whatever you put out into the universe returns to your life manifold. So if you have been doing random acts of kindness for a while, you will often find yourself surprised by the thoughtfulness of strangers in your life. People will come into your life for a while and for absolutely no reason what so ever do you a favour and walk away. They will not expect you to do anything for them in return.

The truth is that you have been “paying it forward” with your own random acts of kindness. So these strangers do not expect you to reciprocate their kindness individually. The account of kindness done is large and so you will also be eligible to receive kindness as per the law of attraction. Now that you know how it works make sure you help the elderly lady struggling with her bags, or bring pastries to work with you for no reason at all.

The cheer you spread in the world affect you as well

It is like throwing a rock encased in a snow ball down the slope of a snowy mountain. By the time rock reaches the bottom it has gathered so much snow that it bursts out in all directions. Your random acts of kindness are also creating a similar action by spreading cheer in the world around you. Since you are part of that very same world, the cheer comes around to engulf you as well.

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