Monday, 29 June 2015

Are You a Hero?

When we think of heroes we think about super powers and extraordinary acts. Flying through the air, walking on water, x-ray vision, melting concrete buildings, and what have you. The comic books and movies make us imagine people who are born gifted, or well in some cases radioactive spiders help. The hero is an elusive figure who comes in times of grave danger and saves the world as per popular culture. His true identity is always hidden from the world for his own safety. No one is able to befriend him, or even approach him.

The truth is something different altogether. The difference between a hero and a villain is beautifully explained in this quote:

The main thing that differentiates heroes from villains is a hero puts other people’s needs before their own. Villains pursue their selfish desires at other people’s expense.” - James Connor

Think about it, why does a hero need to be someone indescribable, someone inaccessible. We would never meet a comic book style hero with super powers in real life, does that mean that real life has no heroes? No one who inspires you to be better than what you are? No one who helps you when you need the help most? No one you look up to when things are becoming difficult to handle? That person you turn to in your time of need is also a hero. You just haven’t given this real life hero their due.

The mother, who puts the needs of her family before hers, is a hero. The father, who slogs through the week at work so that his family can have a better life, is a hero. The grandmother, who holds the family together with her gentle ministrations, is a hero. The elder sibling, who looks out for his younger siblings interests in school, is a hero. The lone child, who stands up to the bully in the playground, is a hero. We are surrounded by people who are valiant and honourable. Who act from courage and conviction, who are actually real life heroes, but we fail to recognize them.

Perhaps it is time that we give credit where it is due, that we opened our eyes to understand that if we put our needs behind those of others, we are actually acting in a heroic manner. That we too, can be heroes in the lives of our near and dear ones. The sacrifices we make should come from a loving heart, and should never make us feel victimized. When we give with love, we are enthusing positive energy into that relationship. However if we feel that we are being forced to give something that we are not keen on, then we are hardly being heroic. Instead we end up feeling used and abused.

Now wonder, are you a real life hero? Do you look after people whom you care for? Will you do what it takes to keep your family safe and secure? Then yes, you indeed are a hero. An unsung hero, just like the rest of us real life heroes.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Open Secret : Giving to Receive

When you want something, you should just give it away!

The Law of Giving is just as huge as the Law of Attraction, and anyone who is manifesting success and abundance is well aware of how this works. Unfortunately most people new to manifesting just don’t understand how you can get more of anything when you give it away.

How can giving away money bring you more money? Sounds crazy! Even I thought so merely a couple of years ago. However I was looking at manifesting abundance with a critical eye, rather like a scientist wanting to conduct an experiment. I thought about the one thing that I always want in abundance and am usually spending a huge chunk of cash on – Books. I decided to start giving away books that I enjoyed as gifts to my friends, family members and even strangers who I met while travelling.

I would read the book and instead of saving it in my home library, I would think of the one person who would enjoy it and give it to them. I even posted books to friends who were not in the same city. Guess what happened? I started getting books back. People started presenting them to me on special occasions, and I didn’t need to spend as much on my reading as I used to. Mysteries, romances, and comics began to abound in my home.

Then I realized that I wanted more books on spirituality and self improvement. An aunt of mine was shifting homes and decided she wanted to give away her books on spirituality. I actually got more than a hundred books from her. I quickly figured out that keeping them all was not going to be possible and picked up what I wanted and returned the rest to her. I still have a few left to read from that bundle when I decided that if I was going to manifest books, they would now have to come with storage options.

Strangely enough that month my husband gifted me with a smartphone and I began using the Kindle and Kobo apps to read eBooks online. No storage required with instant retrieval everywhere. Just for fun I started leaving reviews on Amazon for the Kindle eBooks I read. That brought me to the notice of a number of Indie authors. These authors publish their books independent of big publishing houses and promote them online. I joined a couple of their advance review teams and suddenly I have more books landing in my inbox than I have time to read. And it all began with me giving away books.

Since then I put the Law of Giving to test in a couple of other manifestations and while those experiments have not been running quite as long and successfully as the one with books, I am happy to say that the returns have been interesting. Perhaps the Law of Attraction works much better when you supplement it with the universal principle of giving what you wish to receive. Maybe you need to check out a field you wish to create abundance in and implement the principle of giving.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What's Holding You Back?

Each of us is blessed by the same loving energy prevalent in the universe. Each of us is on this planet to live a fulfilling life. The idea of being here is gaining satisfaction by doing good to others and loving ourselves. There is no shortage of resources here, be it money, time, or opportunity, you have as much access to them as the next person. Then why are you stuck in a rut? Why does it seem that the harder you try, the less success you actually seem to touch? The answer is simple, you don’t trust the universe to support you. This lack of trust is characterized by three primary weapons of paralysis.


While you have great plans to take off, there is always a niggling doubt at the back of your mind. This is the nagging voice that tells you that what you are hoping to achieve is not easy. It convinces you that no matter how hard you try the idea is not likely to succeed. This inner doubt makes you rethink everything that you would like to do and makes you decide that it would be a better idea not to do anything to upset the apple cart. It makes you settle for less than you should have.


The paralyzing thought of a possible failure can keep you from even thinking about taking action in a new direction. You fear the thought of things no working out so much that you simply decide not to move an inch from the place you are currently standing in life. Fear prevents you from living up to your full potential, simply based on a “what if” situation that may never even come to pass. The mere thought of a public failure fills you with so much anxiety that you don’t want to ever put yourself in that situation.


From a happy place where you thought up of a nice new idea, which you know would help you; you go to doubting that it would work. Then the doubts all culminate in the fear of failing spectacularly at this idea and cause you high levels of anxiety. This stress is literally manifested on a physical level on the body with an elevated heart rate, and shallow breathing. The anxiety you feel when you go through this negative spiral of emotions holds you back from living up to your full potential.

Now that you know what’s holding you back, how do you move past this and onwards in the march of living your life purpose?

Stopping these three demons from striking you down is easy. All you need to do is educate yourself. Doubts only arise from ignorance. When you know the truth about what you intend to do, are well researched on the subject , and suitably prepared to handle the project, you will no longer have quite so many crippling doubts.

This is not to say that you will instantly be free of fear and anxiety, no, but you will be better able to handle them. Use affirmations to keep yourself on the positive flow of your life path. Believe in the Law of Attraction and ensure that you are able to focus on what you truly desire.

Affirm to yourself – “Wonderful things happen to me as I fulfill my life’s purpose. ”

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ways to a Happier Inner Self

The only way to be happy is to make peace with yourself. No matter how many material things you manage to buy, no matter how many people look up to you for financial advice, no matter how many people you look to for approval, if you do not live a life that reflects the truth of who you really are, you will not be happy.

Live Your Truth

Begin with self acceptance. You are made a certain way. Be it physically as a body type, or mentally as a thinking soul. This is the essence of who you are. You can always work on yourself to improve, but accept who you are to begin with. Now acknowledge that you have certain desires, aims, and passions. Remember these are not the goals that have been thrust upon you by your loving family or society. These are the inner self’s desires, what your heart really and truly would like to do. The small things that make you happy and keep you content. Find out what they are and then devote more time to them.

Follow Your Intuitive Guidance

Your higher self, I Am consciousness, or inner soul, no matter what you call it, is a great source of guidance. When you face a doubt about your life purpose, or simply want to know which of the choices facing you is a better option to undertake, call in this inner guidance to come and tell you what you should do. This gut feeling, or intuition is usually the right way to go. Remember it will be a loving feeling and not one that causes you fear. It may challenge you to work harder, do better, but it will never ask you to put yourself in harm’s way. That is not guidance its premonition.

Cultivate Your Talents

Every soul on earth has a special gift from God. A talent which makes it easy for you to do something while others struggle with it. This is a gift that you are here to share with the world. These soul gifts are natural and do not have to be learnt. You can teach them with ease to others who are interested in them. Take the time to honour your talent by honing it. Spend time doing this pleasurable activity and developing it further. The more effort that you give to your talent the more joy and rewards it will bring to you.

Indulge in Self Love

In a society always looking outwards for the next big thing, we forget that the biggest thing is ourselves. Ease out the personal suffering through love. There is truly no greater medication for any sort of conflict that we may face with ourselves or with others. Cull out the drama from your life and show others how much you love them. Stay away from conflicts and make the important people in your life understand that you love them, no matter what they do. Trust that their higher selves will make them behave better straight away. Love yourself and the world will bring back that love to you.

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