Monday, 25 August 2014

Divine Wisdom is My Right

Have you ever felt that you needed to do more than what you were doing, but didn’t know what it was? That while your life seemed to be on track on the surface, there was something more boiling below that you couldn’t quite grasp? Lightworkers often feels this way till their true life purpose is revealed to them.

Emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and financial issues can all be addressed effectively with divine wisdom. While most of us are very good at giving advice, we tend to buck the bit while getting advice, even when it is coming from our higher self. Unfortunately this reluctance results in a lack of divine wisdom flowing smoothly through our lives.

Open Yourself to Receive

The ego is happy to give because it feels superior in the transaction, but does not receive anything easily especially when it comes to the higher self. If you become aware of the true nature of your own higher self, you will discard the ego based self that you believe you are today. This will end the existence of the ego and this is why it does not allow you to be receptive of divine guidance from the universe and your higher self.

In order to have access to divine wisdom to heal your life you need to open yourself to receiving. Be open to different signs or symbols that the universe shows you. If you see a sign repeatedly but cannot understand how it relates to you, do not be afraid to ask the universe for a clarification.  The universe is not going to get angry or upset like your teacher in school. It is a loving presence in your life with infinite patience.

How Meditation Helps

If you keep asking the universe questions but never seem to get answers, think if you have really listened for them. When you are in conversation with a regular person after you ask your question you would wait for the person to respond by paying attention to them. Did you pay attention to what the universe was trying to say to you with a calm mind? Use the Law of Attraction to get your answers.

Any form of meditation calms the mind. You can use whichever form suits you the best. Chakra cleansing meditation, thought calming meditation, candle or flame meditation, use whichever you feel most comfortable with. Try to schedule your ten minutes of daily meditation at roughly the same time each day. The consistency will help you connect to the universe and your higher self with greater ease.

What Should You Ask

There is no problem too small or too great for divine wisdom. There is no right or wrong question to ask. Ask what is closest to your heart first. As the responses come in pay attention to what you are being guided with love to do. If you feel that it may not be the best course of action, ask for confirmation. Should the same loving messages come to you, try to follow the guidance given to you.

When you have exhausted your own questions and still want to channel divine wisdom, ask what you need to know. That is when more messages from your higher self will become available to you. Do not be afraid of guidance that asks you to make changes in your life. No one can interfere with your own free will. Even after receiving guidance you need to take action for any real changes to reflect in your life. Start with small implementable steps and watch how they affect your life. Your smaller successes will urge you onwards to bigger ones. 

Affirm to yourself, “I am open to receiving divine wisdom to live my highest purpose.”
Love and light always…

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Monday, 18 August 2014

My Body is My Best Friend

There is no greater friend on Earth than a healthy body for your soul to reside in. God has created you perfectly. As an infant you were not aware of any "imperfections". As you grew older and imbibed the opinions of others around you, your list of imperfections grew. A nose that is too long, or eyes the wrong colour, hair that was too curly or excessive weight. The list of so called "imperfections" can go on and on... if you let it. Or you can choose to embrace your healthy human body and thank it for allowing you to do so many chores.


I am reminded of a story that my grandfather would tell us when we were young children. There lived in a huge forest a majestic stag with the most beautiful set of antlers. The stag was so enamored of his reflection in the lake that he would stare at himself for hours. He would think to himself, "My antlers are so beautiful but my legs are so thin and scrawny that they are ugly indeed." His habit of preening by the lake was noted by a hunter who decided to kill him for his beautiful antlers. One day when the stag was by the lake the hunter took a shot, but missed. The startled stag ran for his life as hard as his scrawny but fast legs could carry him. he outran the hunter to safety and thought to himself, "What I thought was my best feature nearly got me killed and what I felt was my most ugly feature saved my life!"
So it is in real life with us. I'd be happier if my hair was longer, waist was thinner, hips were not so broad...what's your wish? It is an extremely human reaction to see an attractive person and feel resentful that you do not command the same attention they do in a room full of people. The more you stress over the alleged imperfections of your body the less you are helping yourself. The desire to look better stems from forgetting a crucial fact - You are already perfect.

Celebrate Yourself

You may not think so today when you look in the mirror and can point out half a dozen flaws. However if you look longer you will see the person beyond the superficial flaws. The person who has an inner beauty that you have never celebrated. Giving in to the illusion that you are your present body is severely limiting your spiritual growth. Remember that you are an eternal soul in a temporary body. While your host is an important part of your life today, your eternal journey in no way depends only on this body.

Celebrate your body the way it is and Heal Your Life. Treat it to little acts of kindness that nurture it. A head massage, a foot soak, an hour of meditation, health food and adequate sleep. As you accept your beautiful body and treat it with love and respect it will respond to this positive treatment. Your body will become more attractive each day that you treat it lovingly. Affirm to yourself , "I love my body. It is a good friend that I take care of." Watch your body return that love by supporting you in all your needs.

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Through Limiting Barriers Into Infinite Possibilities

Each one of us has a set of beliefs that make us who we are. Some of these beliefs are good for us while others work as limiting barriers. Take for instance the table under your computer. If I asked you what state is the table in, most of you would answer solid. This is only partially true and thus it is a perfect example of a limiting belief that works as a barrier. 

Solid Belief

Come back to the table made of wood. Run your hand over it. It is firm and solid. Suppose we took a sliver of wood from this table and placed it under a microscope. Would we still see a solid surface? No we would begin to see some spaces between the solid particles. If we magnify it some more we would come down to the molecular level where there is a lot more space between the molecules and it hardly looks solid. If we could magnify it even more we would end up at the atomic level where we see a few hints of solid in the nuclei but mostly energy charged ions floating about in their orbits. 

At this level of magnification we will never think of it as a solid. It is more like raw energy. So the table that you thought was solid, is actually an amalgamation of different energies. This is the biggest truth we need to recognize in our universe. Everything that you look at around you is merely a form of energy. This is not limited to non living things, everyone who come across is also radiating some form of energy or the other.

Attraction Exists

It is this energy that makes you comfortable in the presence of some people and uncomfortable in the presence of others.  Think of a bar magnet, and how their poles attract. If you place two bar magnets on a table at the right distance their mutual force of attraction will literally pull them physically together. It is just the same with people. Here too like energies get pulled together. If your energy is similar to someone else you will be attracted to that person. 

On a more sublime note, even your thoughts have energies. At the right vibration the energy of your thought can literally bring what you are thinking about to you. Herein lies the secret of manifestation. The more energy you put behind a thought, the more likely it is to come true. If you keep thinking that you are running late, you will actually become late. If you worry that things are going to go wrong, then they will.

Beyond Barriers

Most meta-physicians will tell you to THINK POSITIVE for this reason. The Law of Attraction (LoA) ensures that what you think about often comes to pass. Thus it makes sense that if you will manifest what you think about, you should think about something good. If you can really truly leave behind the barriers of your limiting beliefs, you can manifest anything you want.

A new career, a new relationship, release from an illness, it is all possible, but only if you really believe it is possible. To eliminate self doubt, use the affirmation from Louise L. Hay's Meditations to Heal Your Life that says “I go beyond barriers into possibilities”.  Be open to Divine Wisdom and see what guidance you receive. Then leave your limiting beliefs behind you and walk into the infinite possibilities that open up before you.

Love and light always…

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