Monday, 25 May 2015

Help Happiness Find You

There isn’t a human alive who would turn their back on happiness. Many actively pursue actions which they believe will lead to more happiness in their lives, and yet global surveys have shown that people are more stressed out than happy. 

What is your deepest desire?

Happiness in life stems from working towards what you really, truly desire. This is why the trappings of success mean different things to different people. A man may feel happy when there is money pouring in to his bank account. However the money itself is not the reason for the joy he feels. It is the assurance that he is a good provider for his family, that he can give his wife and children their basic needs and treat them by meeting some of their wants. That is why the money is instrumental in making him happy. Not for the sake of the money itself but for the things that it symbolizes to him.

Are you open to abundance?

Money in the bank allows you to feed yourself food, clothe yourself in attire you like and shelter yourself in a house that you desire. Extra perks from having spare cash could include the luxuries of holidays with your family and friend, and the security that you will want for nothing in life. This is not some utopian dream, but the reality into which you were born. Your higher self never expected you to be poor, or struggle to meet your basic necessities. It is your own fears and insecurities that have managed to drag you away from the vibrations of abundance.

Do you allow change easily?

Money is the key to meet your deepest desires and keep your deepest fears away from you. Neither your desires nor your dreams may be logical, but that does not make them any less real for you. Understand what is holding you back. Remember as you work through your feelings that money is just a tool, a medium that allows you to do things that make you happy. Instead of focusing on what the lack of money could create in your life, pour your energies into the many beautiful desires that could be fulfilled if you allow the abundance shift to take place.

What is the abundance shift?

The ability to welcome happiness and positive energies into your life willingly and with gratitude marks a shift in your personal energy levels that takes you from not enough, to plenty.  When you no longer operate from lower energies like fear, but raise you vibrations to love and gratitude you will experience an abundance shift. Things will automatically happen to make you happy. The more joyful and grateful you feel, the more happy events you will attract to yourself. It is like getting on a ride on the amusement park which takes you down a path you enjoy.

The Law of Attraction makes it easy for anyone to experience happiness and abundance. Here is a simple affirmation from Louise Hay that you can use to pull some happiness into your lives. –“In the areas of finance I am always prosperous. Money is one of my best friends.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Live Your Own Life: Not Other People’s Expectations of Your Life

Do you feel that you are not living your own life, but a part of other people’s? Is every action you take for the comfort and needs or someone else? Is this frustrating you? Then read on to figure out what you can do to reclaim your own life.

 Stay Positive When Others Are Negative

Don’t let the expectations and criticisms of others in your life affect you. They may have a vision or goal of how their lives need to be and your role in it that does not mean that you must accept their vision and forget about your own desires. Yes when it comes to immediate family there has to be some amount of give and take. You will compromise to keep the peace, but only once in a while not all the time. If you agree to everything others say and never get to do what your heart desires, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak.

Pray for Negative Issues You Hear About

Sometimes you feel low and depressed because of the negative things that you hear happening to people around you. Even major natural disasters that cause injury to a large number of people can affect you. The repeated images of victims of the natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or hurricanes can make you feel down and out even though you have not suffered any physical loss personally. When such things occur, send out a prayer for the well being of the victims and try and return your mind to a more positive framework.

Take Action by Volunteering

There are causes that you would like to take a more active part in, but family circumstances do not allow you to dedicate yourself to these causes completely. In this situation you can still live your own life by taking action through volunteering for the causes close to your heart. You may not have money to spare for an orphanage, but you can go and read the children a story every weekend. You may not have the expertise to help the hearing impaired medically, but you can organize outings for them for fun. No matter what the cause, you can find some way to make a difference in a small way all on your own. Don’t let the people in your life belittle your effort, but be happy about what you were able to contribute.

Look After Your Physical and Emotional Health

If health is lost, all is lost says a popular quote. As long as you are able to physically perform all the duties that you need to for yourself, you are in a good place. Keep your body fit with regular exercise, healthy and nutritious food, as well as lots of sleep at regular times. Besides your physical body’s needs, pay attention to the needs of your emotional and mental health. Ensure that you read new books, watch entertaining and educative videos and expand your horizons. New ideas are a great way to explore the changes that you would like to make.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Is Your Help Hindering Someone’s Growth

Sometimes in the daily rush of living, we get to hear or read a few lines that bring you a fresh perspective on your own ideas. A while ago I received a short story which I found had a very profound meaning in our daily lives. It has been going around on various social media platforms and I am sure you would have already read it, but I’ll quickly recapitulate it here before I go ahead to make my point. The story was about a man who watched a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon. He watched it push itself out millimeter by millimeter and was fascinated by what he saw of the butterfly’s determination. 

 When it appeared to give up, perhaps it was only resting as it needed a short break, the man decided to help it emerge from the cocoon by taking a scissors and snipping it away. Unfortunately, the lower part of the butterfly looked deformed and no matter how hard it tried, it could not fly. Apparently the struggle through the cocoon opening is required to strengthen the wings of the butterfly for flight. While the man wanted to help and was coming from good intentions, his actions inadvertently damaged the butterfly forever.

Now I’ll ask you to think about all the good you do for other people in your lives. Do you run to help out someone who is having a difficult time? Is your timely help to the person in this situation denying the person a lesson in life that would allow them to grow as an individual? Obviously I am not speaking about life and death situations or crisis events where your help is a must. There are some other situations where a person may not even have asked for your help, but you decided to give them the benefit of your “expertise”.

Please understand that this is not criticism for being a helpful person, but rather a query to check if you are doing more than you should. More than you need to do. It is noble of you to offer your help in many situations and the person who receives this help is benefited immediately when he receives it. However in the long term, did your help actually hinder the person’s progress? Did it steal away a chance for him or her to learn a new skill that would come in handy later in life? Don’t be so eager to take away all the challenges in a person’s life that he does not get to learn the soul lessons he is here to learn.

Think about the proverb that when you feed a man a fish you help him for a day, but when you teach him to catch his own fish you have fed him for the rest of his life. So be helpful, share your resources and expertise, but allow the people around you to find their own way out of a muddle of their own creating. Even if you help them this once, the challenge will keep revisiting them all their lives till they learn the soul lesson they were supposed to. Guide the person to solve his own problems the next time, rather than racing in and solving it for them.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Are You Feeling Unappreciated?

Each of us relies on other people in our lives to help us feel loved, wanted and appreciated. We wait for others to heal our lives. Unfortunately in many cases we feel that the other person in the relationship is not appreciating the effort and actions we take. This results in a little pity party that we invite ourselves to. Here we begin to feel bad for ourselves and start blaming the other person for not doing more than they already do. 

This is where the downwards emotional spiral begins. To stem this emotional whirlpool you need to take charge of your emotions. This is the point you need to check in consciously and ask yourself, if I am unhappy with the way things are right now what can I do to change them? Here is a simple exercise to help you find a balance in your relationships. 

Creative Visualization

When you have some free time sit down peacefully and close your eyes. Now concentrate on your breathing till you feel calm and settled. From this seat of peace and tranquility think of the person who does not seem to appreciate you the way you wish to be appreciated. Think about the last situation involving this person that caused you to get upset. Feel the emotions that swept through you, acknowledge them, and ask them to leave your energy system.

Now think about different ways that you could have handled this situation where the end results would be you feeling happy and loved. Think of the words that you and the other person could have spoken. Create actions that you could have taken and imagine what reactions the other person would have had. You can use this for more than one situation or person. Use this visualization as often as you like, just consciously move from negative to positive energy.

Understand that Perfection is a Myth

Very often we get influenced by media blasted images of true love, and perfect relationships. These unnaturally happy images in our head make us feel that our current relationships are not good. Each individual is flawed, yes you are not perfect either. Then how can you expect a relationship involving two people to be perfect all the time. There will be ups and downs in the relationship based on what each individual is going through in their personal lives.

Accept that life is constantly changing and that we can never hope to have absolute control over anything but our own reactions. Change the reactions you give to others and the way they feel about you will also change. So be the difference you want to see. If you want others to appreciate you, tell them that you love it when they do something and  appreciate it. No one is out to vindictively spoil your day by not appreciating the food you cooked, the work report you submitted or the gift you gave someone. 

When you do something nice for a person, smile and send out positive energy to them. Then you can receive the same positive energy back from the universe multiplied many times. So if you want to be appreciated by others, start appreciating them first. The rest will follow as naturally as the Law of Attraction works its magic into your life.

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