Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tools to Overcome Life’s Challenges

There is no perfect life. Even the happiest souls have to face challenges to stay positive. The only difference between someone you perceive as being happy most of the time and yourself is the way you react to challenges. Given here are some common tools that can help you overcome the challenges that come your way.


These are positive statements that can be used to draw what you wish into your life. By repeating this statement every day for at least fifty times in front of the mirror, you give power to the wish. You can use them to replace negative thoughts that tend to intrude in your head. That way you will be filled with positivity and attract good experiences and people towards you.


There are different forms of meditation, not all of which will be suited for your purpose. Some help you to relax, others help you to clear your mind and be receptive to messages from your higher self, others allow you to focus your concentration on what you need to achieve, and others still allow you to cleanse your chakras and aura. By learning different meditation techniques you help yourself in different aspects of your life.


The ability to create in your mind’s eye what you wish to see in your real life is called visualization. We begin with a simple picture that you can easily bring to mind. Then we add layers such as the sensation of smell, touch, and even taste. When the picture that you create in your mind is as real as the actual event happening before you, you have a successful visualization.


Emotional Freedom Techniques help when you need to address negative, fearful emotions that are affecting your ability to function effectively. It is done by tapping on the specified points on the body. There is nothing difficult about learning EFT and you can find enough material online to teach yourself the basics of the tapping techniques.

Connection with Higher Self

While a part of you is made up of the gross body on earth, there is another free spirited part of your soul which can travel where it wants. This higher self is in a state of consciousness that can help provide you with all the answers that you seek.  Forge a stronger connection with your higher self in order to receive the information that will make your life easier and more fun.

Get Centered and Connect with Spirit through Energy Work

We are basically all different forms of energy. Those who can learn to manipulate this energy are able to attract what they want and repel what they dislike. Through energy work schools of thought such as Pranic Healing, Reiki and Acupressure it is possible to subtly manipulate the energy field of the body and rid it of disease. You can also use these techniques to enhance your ability to grow spiritually.

These tools are easily available for you. All you have to do is ensure that you use them to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Rather like preparing for a marathon, you need to run every day in practice to be able to run the entire length on the final day. Similarly you need to use these tools every day in order to ensure that they do not desert you in your hour of need.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Systematic Overhauling of Your Thoughts to Heal Your Life

There are a set of beliefs that you are indoctrinated in as a child. While many of these thoughts have played an important role in making you what you are today, some of them may be barriers to helping you live the life you wish to live. By using the power of divine wisdom that all of us can tap in to through affirmations, you can truly heal your body and life. The Heal Your Life workshops that Louise L. Hay has designed help you do this systematic overhauling of your thought patterns with great ease.

What if you have not had an opportunity to attend a Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop with the Rainbow Lightworkers as yet? You can still take a few simple steps to put yourself on the right path to self transformation. Here we discuss simple yet powerful tools that you can employ to change the way you think. As Louise often says, our thoughts create our future. So by changing our thoughts we will be able to change our future. In order to do this the first thing we need to be aware of is the thoughts we think subconsciously.

Become Aware of Your Self-Talk

There are certain things that you tell yourself in your mind which you are unaware of. For instance you see an extreme sporting event such as bungee jumping and your mind tells you, “I could never do this, it’s too dangerous.” You look at a particularly bold lipstick colour and think, “This would never suit me, I’m not fair enough.” Perhaps you want to ask your boss for a raise but then your mind says, “What if he decides I’m not worth what he’s paying me now? I might lose my job.”

These kinds of limiting thoughts originate from a negative thought pattern that has been drilled into you since childhood. They do not reflect your actual ability to act, but rather a perception of your parents or teachers on your potential. You have got so used to the limits that they imposed on you that you never think to question them. Now write down your own self-talk for 7 to 10 days. Each time a thought comes to your mind, juts write it down without being judgmental. This record will show you what the deeper problem to address is.

Switch to Positive Self-Talk

Your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image all have their root in your self-talk. If you can change your self-talk from limiting thoughts to encouraging ones, you will notice a substantial difference in all aspects of your life. For each of the limiting thoughts that you recorded over the last few days write a positive and encouraging replacement.

So for “I could never do this, it’s too dangerous.”
You could tell yourself, “I should try this once. They have a great safety record.”
For “This would never suit me, I’m not fair enough.”
You may think, “Let me get a small sample. I can always give it away if I don’t like it.”
Then for “What if he decides I’m not worth what he’s paying me now? I might lose my job.”
You should think, “I do a good job and am a valuable employee. It is in my boss’s interest to look after me by paying me what I deserve.”

Fall Back on Affirmations

If you are not sure how to replace your individual self-talk sentences, pick a single positive statement that you can fall back on when you find yourself thinking a negative or limiting thought. Here is a good one from Louise Hay “I am perfect, whole, and complete, just as I am.”

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Manifesting Miracles is not Mysterious Magic

In the last few months I have been using visualizations and affirmations along with the Law of Attraction to bring abundance into my life. I extend the vision to include my whole family enjoying a wholesome and healthy life with every need catered to and every want met. There is nothing specific I ask for, just a sense of well being and security that allows me to grow spiritually without having to worry about the material needs. I only wish for a loving environment in which the family can bond better without negative emotions such as anger, guilt and greed filtering in. If I can go a week without an altercation with a family member, it is like a minor miracle.

The Universe Takes Care of You, If You Let It

The energy that created us all is a healing, nurturing energy. It is not going to bring us into existence and forget all about catering to our needs and wants. Just like a mother who gives birth to a child and ensures that it is comfortable, the universal also takes ample measures to ensure that her children are taken care of. This was driven home to me forcefully a little while ago when we went for a live musical performance. My family was entertaining a house guest who was with us for a couple of days and in all the excitement of the company and the impending show, we never catered for a meal before the show began. At the venue there were some refreshments available that I went to get at the concession stand.

Was it Really a Mistake or was the Universe Catering to a Need I Did Not Realize Existed

I decided on three things and placed the order at the cash counter. When I went to the collection counter I realized that I had been billed for an additional item which I had not even mentioned and the quantities were different as well. I was a little angry at the server, but there was little time before the show restarted.  Since I did not want to waste time arguing the issue, there was nothing to do but pick up  all the additional food added to the order and head back to the seats. I had just about handed out the food containers when the show restarted. As the musical progressed I realized we had just enough food for every member in the party to grab a bite comfortably. Our missed meal had been catered for by the Cosmic Kitchen without my even realizing it.

Having Faith is Just a Part of the Whole Experience

It may seem like a small thing, but this experience came hot on the heels of my performing regular affirmations for abundance in my life. Now I could have argued with the serving vendor and demanded my correct order be provided at the refreshment stall. However that would have resulted in members of the family going hungry as there would not have been enough food to go around. Instead I decided to keep the peace and preserve the feel-good factor of the evening and I was rewarded by abundance. It is important to have faith that your needs will be met, but it is also important to surrender and go with the flow of the universal energy. Think about it this way, mother knows best.

Now with renewed faith I use the affirmation from Louise Hay– “I am totally open and receptive to the abundant flow of prosperity that the Universe offers. All my needs and desires are met before I ask. I am Divinely guided and protected, and I make choices that are beneficial for me.”

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Thinking Yourself to Abundance

Sometimes all we need to do is change how we think. Without realizing the power of the Law of Attraction we keep thinking about all the things that could go wrong and finally feel vindicated when they do go wrong. Little comprehending, when such things happen, that we have actually brought the disaster to life with our own worried thought patterns. The simple act of catching a negative thought in the head and casting it out is often the very action we need to take for change.

All You Need to do is Embrace Positivity

Do not become a part of the defeatist mindset which thinks that everything is pre-ordained. That there is no use struggling against your fate or destiny. That whatever to happen is bound to do so, no matter what you do. The truth is that while you are very much part of a Karmic Cycle, you are also very much in possession of your own Free Will. Each moment you have the ability to think a new thought, say a new word, perform a new action and in doing these small things change the way your destiny plays out. So make it a point to think positive thoughts, perform actions that bring happiness to you and others, and speak as though everything you ever wanted and wished for is just around the corner waiting for you to come along and claim it.

Work towards Your Life Purpose

You have chosen to have this experience as a body on earth and you have a life purpose to meet while you are here. Most “bad” things tend to happen when you are not trying to do your best to fulfill your life purpose. If you waste your precious years on the planet, your higher self will try to bring your attention to the work that you must complete before your time is up. This could take the form of a wakeup call that you simply cannot ignore anymore. If you are not sure what your life purpose is, ask the universe or your higher consciousness to point out what you need to do. Thinking about it and driving yourself insane is not an option.

Finding Your Answers

Surrender can help bring you answers. For me this simple method works wonders. At night before I go to sleep I thank the universe and guardian angels for all that I have. Then I ask the question that is bothering me. I ask for guidance on the best way to solve the situation and then turn over the problem to the higher powers to work on. Usually when I wake up the next morning I have these persisting thoughts that tell me about something that I need to do. When I consider the actions I am being asked to take, I can usually correlate them as the solution to the problem that had been vexing me the previous night.

Here is a beautiful affirmation from Louise L Hay that you can use, “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am loving and approving of myself.

A solution is available. I feel better and better about my ability to deal with this challenge right now.

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