Sunday, 27 September 2015

Standing in Your Full Power

The word power today brings many different meanings to mind. Some may think about the power of money, others about the power from controlling industries, and then there is also the not so savory power people may have over other people. For our purpose we are speaking of the power in a non dictatorial manner. A power that allows us to act in a manner that we see fit in a given situation. What then is this power?

The Power of Creation

In each of us there is power, to create, to experience and to live exactly how we wish to live. Some call this the Law of Attraction, others call it creating your destiny. Do you realize just how powerful you are? Every thought that you think is bringing the tomorrow that you designed closer to you. Do you even begin to understand that you are the one for whom the whole world is in existence? Or rather, it all stems from you, as you are the co creator of this world along with Spirit.

The Power to Accept Imperfection

When you understand that you have the power to create everything, you will also develop the power to accept things that are less than perfect. If we drive ourselves crazy by nit picking over tiny details on a regular basis, we will waste a lot of our energy on small and not as important things. When we learn that it is in our own hands to let it go, to accept that not everything must be just right, we own our power to accept imperfections and relax.

The Power to Live an Authentic Life

How often in life do we not want to do something like visit a relative, attend an event hosted by a friend, help out someone who you don’t particularly like? By forcing ourselves to do things that we do not enjoy, we are again giving away our power to people who make us feel guilty about not doing these things. By choosing to life a life honest to your own needs, you honour what is important to you. This is the power that allows you to lead a life based on your personal truth.

The Power to Believe and Allow

One of the worst things that you can do is give away your power to doubt and disbelief. The power to believe that what you want is coming to you, actually sustains life. The power to allow good things in to your life helps you maintain a steady flow of abundance. Don’t try to think about all the reasons why something can never happen, instead trust in the universe and allow it to do what is best for you. Surrendering your doubts and accepting that your rewards will come to you is a beautiful expression of this power.

Don’t give up your power by drifting into survival mode and disconnecting from Spirit. Try not to forget who you really are – a divine child of the universe. Don’t make excuses to avoid standing in your full power. Have faith that you can create a fun life for yourself where all your needs and wants are easily and effortlessly fulfilled.

Affirm to yourself – “I stand in my full divine power, easily and effortlessly.”

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Steps for Enhancing Your Life

Living life can be fun and happy if you allow it to be. Making a beautiful lifestyle for your family and you does not have to be a constant struggle. No matter what our current circumstance is, it is human nature to want something more. Think about the time you heard about someone who did something new and exciting.  Now think about how you reacted to the news. It is just as easy to say, “This is something I could do”, as it is to say, “How come cool things like this never happen in my life?”

Increasing Your Awareness of Feelings

You need to gain a deeper understanding of how you feel in different situations. A good way to do this is by constantly monitoring your ‘self chatter’.  This is the set of words or sentences that seem to constantly chatter through your brain with apparently no control. The truth is, these statements come from people who you have interacted with, especially in childhood. It can be a sobering thought when you realize that what you believed to be your own words and opinions is indeed something you probably inherited from your parents. You will question if you have ever had an original thought at all! Now trace what you are truly feeling. Become aware of the emotions that roll through you from dawn to dusk.

Identifying Recurring Patterns of Thought, Emotions and Action

As you begin to pay attention to your feelings you will begin to notice repeated patterns. These would show up in your mind as thoughts and emotions and in your actual deeds as actions. Each pattern is feeding a part of your personality. If you have a pattern of being worried about handling big projects you may have the ability to paralyze yourself into inaction when you truly need to take important decisions which may affect the fate of the project. Think about it, how often have you heard that nasty voice in your head tell you, “I told you so” when you failed at a project you really wanted to succeed with? Now identify what you need to do to change this pattern. Plan how you will turn self defeating patterns on their head by becoming aware of your triggers and taking positive action to ensure you don’t fall into the trap again.

Motivating Yourself to Stick with ‘The Change

Identifying what’s going wrong is the easy part. The tough part is sticking with the change that you need to make. To enhance your life, you need to heal your life constantly with positive action. Initially you will have the zeal of the new convert and will be highly motivated to do all it takes to get your life back on track. Then gradually you will get complacent and the old patterns are still so engraved in your being that they jump right back into your behaviour. You will have to fight with constant vigilance to ensure that you don’t fall into the old ways again.

Affirm to yourself –“I am now willing to change. I am willing to release all old patterns that are no longer beneficial to me and my life purpose.”

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Living in Grace Everyday

Living a full life is not so much about having branded clothes, eating delicious food and living in a fancy home, as being happy wearing what you have, sharing the meal with a friend and being grateful for the shelter you have each night. The rich in their mansions can be unhappy while the poor in their little hut can be full of joy. What gives us happiness is not so much the physical possession of material things but the gratitude we show for what we have. When we live in grace, we are truly blessed.

The first step towards living in grace is to show the universe that we are indeed thankful for all that it has given us. Think about it, when was the last time you said thank you? Instead of taking for granted the breakfast that you eat as you rush down to your car and begin the battle of another day, sit down and say thank you. Show the gratitude that you will for something beautiful that lights up your day to the smaller more mundane things and soon you will find so many more things coming your way that you are truly grateful for.

One good way to say thanks is to pray. I am not going to promote religion over here. There is no right or wrong way to pray. Every religion has its own manner of reaching out to Mother Father God. However that does not make it the only way to reach out to the universal power or spirit which connects us all. Each of us has a divine spark within us, and it knows exactly how to connect with the brightest light in the universe.

By honouring your own inner spark’s wisdom you are living in grace. Respect that little voice inside you that comes bearing advice saturated with love. Don’t let the ego based fear get to you with its thoughts of doubt and disbelief. Remember you are a divine child of this universe and you have all the wisdom you need to survive within you. As long as you hold true to the intention of living a life from a heart space filled with love, you will continue to live in grace. So begin by thanking everything and everyone around you who helps to contribute to your successful day.

Thank the alarm clock that allows you to wake up in time in the morning. Thank the home that shelters all your belongings and loved ones. Thank the food that nourishes you through the day and thank each individual person in your life that plays a part in allowing you to pursue what you wish. Thank your family for supporting your desires and thank your friends for walking down tough paths with you. Thank the opportunities that come your way. As you continue to thank them each day, you develop the practice of living in grace every day.

Use the affirmation – “I am a miracle child of the universe. I am grateful for who I am.”

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Spirituality and Solitude

Practices that lead to spiritual well being are often mired in solitude. It is important to be comfortable in your own skin, to love yourself, if you are to become a more spiritual person. Being spiritual does not mean being religious. Spirituality cares nothing for traditions and customs prescribed centuries ago to appease gods and goddesses of lore. Spirituality seeks to connect you with your own higher self. To help you realize that everything that you are hunting for in this world, is already a part of you.

Why do you need solitude to experience your spiritual self?

The decisions you take through the day are based on logic, scientific reasoning and calculated risks. This material aspect of your lives needs inputs from external sources. You speak with all manners of people, family members, friends, colleagues, and even some whom you may not necessarily like for these inputs. It usually centers on your financial goals and involves doing better than the others around you.

Your spiritual self is not in the picture at all. In fact it is so deep in hiding that even when you wish for some sane advice from it, you can’t reach it amongst the chaos of your daily life. To be able to listen to that soft spoken, polite and well meaning spiritual self you need more than silence around you. You need peace of mind and that can only be achieved when your mind is not constantly looking for other people it can engage with. It can only happen when you are all by yourself.

Looking within can be uncomfortable and scary!

When you begin looking within yourself rather than relying on external inputs, you may initially be at a loss. You won’t know how to proceed with having a conversation with yourself. It can feel foolish asking yourself a question and expecting yourself to reply. Then the replies start coming, but they are not from the spiritual self which is shy, but from the more brazen ego.  The messages from the ego are never loving and definitely never spiritual.

It can be frightening to find such strong negative emotions flowing out from within you. You will be seriously tempted to break off with the self exploratory solitude, but you must persist for it is only when you can silence the ego, will you be able to pay attention to your true self. It is only when the negativity has had its say and been flushed out that the spiritual self will come out to play. Tentatively at first, and then with greater confidence you will be able to connect with your inner spirituality.

How does being spiritual help?

Spirituality believes in PIF (Pay It Forward). Doing random deeds of kindness to help someone in need is a great way of sending out a message to the universe that you are open to helping others and receiving help. Paying for an extra cup of coffee for someone who can’t afford it, paying the car toll for the vehicle behind you on the toll plaza, or just helping someone carry their bags can be simple acts of kindness which you can do.

The idea is that when you affirm, “I will help all who I can today”, the Law of Attraction immediately responds with “You will be helped by all who can today.” So be spiritual, do random acts of kindness and know in your heart that you are paying it forward. Trust in the quick response of the universe when you are in need of help the next time. That’s why getting in touch with your spiritual self is so important.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Heightening Your Intuition

What is intuition? It is your sixth sense, the one that lets you know who’s at the door before you open it, or who is on the phone before you answer it, or which child is going to hurt himself before he does it, is part of your intuition. Intuition is a natural ability processed by everyone, man, woman and child. It is like a muscle, and the more you exercise it the more intuitive you will become. It is difficult to define intuition. It is just a sense of knowing what is what without being told.

 Listening to this intuition is just like tuning in to a specific radio station. You need to cut out the distractions and focus solely on the signal coming in. That way you can pay better attention to what you are being told by intuition. There are some ways that you can heighten your intuition to get clearer and less mysterious messages.

1.       Let the mind be quiet:  When you think you are in a manner of speaking talking, but when you still your thoughts you are in a better place to listen to your intuition. Many people find simple meditative practices a great way to enhance this quiet in the mind. The idea is to focus on a single symbol or mantra and when any other thought enters your mind, you release it consciously and bring back your thought to the symbol or mantra that you are focusing on. This could be something like “Om” symbol or the mantra “I love and approve of myself.” Use whatever you find comfortable.

2.       Play with your intuition: When you make it a game you are less stressed and easily able to focus on what is coming through. A simple game is to make a sign for yes and no in your head. Just like a thumbs up or thumbs down, or maybe the colour red for no and the colour green for yes. You can pick any sign, then ask your intuitive knowledge a question that your conscious mind does not know. Now look for the sign which pops up first in the head, is it yes or no? Check later to see if you were correct. The more you practice the better you will get at answering these random questions right.

3.       Pay attention to your dreams: intuitive messages come through very easily when your conscious mind is at rest while you sleep. In case you are looking for intuitive guidance for a specific situation you can try to get this in your dreams. Before you sleep at night consider the problem that you wish to find an optimal solution for, think of the problem and possible ways to resolve it, then mentally ask for the best solution to present itself to you. The next morning as you wake up again bring your mind to the problem and see what solution sprung to mind in your dreams.

If you feel strongly about the guidance you receive you are propelled towards a course of action which may not seem logical, but which your intuition convinces you is the best under the circumstances. More often than not people who are tuned in to their intuitive guidance are lucky to escape many hardships that befall others of their acquaintance. Just trust in the fact that you are getting the best advice through intuition.