Monday, 28 March 2016

Spring Cleaning to De-clutter Your Life

As I was doing the seasonal closet cleansing from winter wear to summer wear, I got to thinking about the many things that I owned and hardly used. I told myself I was sure to need it the minute I threw it away and so simply packed and unpacked it each season. That triggered a thought of my behaviour patterns. Just how many reactions based in fear did I have nestling in my subconscious self? Did I have instincts in my shadow self that were not really serving my higher purpose? The answer was a resounding yes.

If you are true to yourself, you will admit that not everything that we keep cluttered up in our minds is truly healthy for us to have up there. We may be very particular about the physical cleanliness of the rooms in our home, but are we even cognizant of the dirt that is lodged between our ears? How do you know you need to clean up your act? The areas you inhabit regularly are a good reflection of your state of mind. Look at your room, your bed, your cupboard and your desk at work. Are they clutter free? Or do you need to do some spring cleaning?

Spring is the perfect season to start over. It is the right time to physically cleanse out the living spaces you regular inhabit, as well as mentally de- clutter the mind. It’s the perfect time to let go of resentment, envy, greed, jealousy, and even old grudges. Pay attention to what comes rushing to your mind the next time you try to stay thought free. The images, thoughts, and words that chase away your peace of mind are doing nothing but cluttering it up. Make a deliberate effort to let these go. It’s like clearing the cobwebs in your mind to get a clearer picture of what you really want out of life.

If your fear is that the minute you throw something out, you will need it; ask yourself if it is really irreplaceable? Can you get something new that would solve the problem even more effectively? More often than not, you are worried about releasing your anger at a person because you are using it as a shield. The thought of acting nice to that person makes you feel that you will be a glutton for punishment as the other person will then be able to harm you without your shield in place. Now think about the alternative, maybe if you showed them love, they would also react to you with love!

Stranger things have happened and it all boils down to your own powers of manifestation. Are you ready to heal your life and release all negative energies from it? If you are, start using your affirmations and the Law of Attraction is sure to serve you and help make all your positive statements the actual truths of your life. Use this beautifully simple but powerful affirmation from Louise Hay –“ I continuously clear the clutter in my life

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Do You Have Irrational, Irritating and Impossible People in Your Life?

There is just no way to deal with them. To make them understand your actions requires more energy than it would take to climb Mount Everest. All they ever want is to have confrontations that lead to drama and high strung emotions. Each time you try to talk rationally with them within minutes it seems like someone threw away the script of the play and now you are all just shouting louder and louder so that you can attempt to make your point. 

If you have finished shaking your head at the thought of who the above description brought to your mind, you can now think about learning how to deal with them more effectively. Not making them let you become as crazy and sulky as they usually do, is going to take some effort on your part. However, that effort will be rewarded twice fold as you will not only get rid of these crazy makers, but you will also likely end up with deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Think About Your Reaction

How you react to their behaviour is the payoff that they are looking for. If they attack you, you get defensive. Then you decide you haven’t done anything to deserve such treatment and you begin to get angry. At the same time there is a little scared part of you wondering how to get out of this situation. Soon you are slipping into irrational slugging with them and even though you hate acting in such a manner there is full blown drama with yelling, cussing and crying in progress.

Change the Reaction to Change the Conversation

Now rewind that tape and imagine yourself back in the same situation. The same person makes the same snarky comment which usually acts like your trigger. However this time you decide not to give them the reaction that they expect. You stay calm and focused, nod your head and do not defend yourself against their imagined slights. Then if they leave, great. If they begin to escalate their behaviour, it’s time for you to physically leave the spot. Pretend you need to drink water or visit the bathroom, just make the excuse and get out of the way before the true tirade can begin.

Be Aware of Their Triggers

Sometimes a simple action can help you avoid setting off their triggers. Make time to pay attention to what causes their crazy spells or personal attacks. Become aware of the consequences of your own actions and make a conscious effort to curb these bouts of degenerative dramatics that leave you feeling humiliated, angry and with a churning in your stomach. Stay in control of the situation by not losing your cool and thinking rationally. This can be really tough initially, but as you continue using the tactic it will become easier.

Remember your poise and dignity is in your hands. They are also your best line of defense when accosted by an irrational, irritating and impossible person. 

Affirm to Yourself – “I stand in my full power with love and wisdom.”

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Training to Win: Finding Success

Is it possible to condition yourself in such a manner that you can eliminate all self doubt and begin preparing to receive your success? Yes it is. All you have to do is change the thoughts in your head that tell you that you can’t do it and suddenly you will begin to experience synchronicity that allows you to achieve whatever it is you are looking to do. As you fix your mental attitude you will find that suddenly meaningful coincidences are a major part of your life. Luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity. With some work on both your mental and physical preparation you will truly be able to make your own luck.

Practice Saying Affirmations to Train Your Mind

Training your mind to stay on the right track can be a challenging task. Use of affirmations makes it easier for us to do this. You can hardly be seen going into self doubt if you are continuously saying to yourself, “I see success in everything I do. Small successes build up into large success for me.” Let your critical inner voice understand that success is not some elusive destination at the end of the road. It is the small spurts of progress you make as you undertake the journey. Success is an ongoing process where you build on each previous one in small increments.

Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Feel like your repeating affirmation is not really helping your cause when what you need to be successful is more sales? Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool that you can use with great effect. By repeatedly broadcasting the same simple messages related to your success to your subconscious mind you are working on a deep and powerful level. Why do advertisers spend so much money repeatedly on marketing campaigns to make us see the same thirty second video again and again? They know that by repeated blasting of the same message they will be able to influence your subconscious mind into buying what they are selling. Surely you can use the same concept to condition yourself to succeed!

Have Well Defined Goals

Using goals is like using a map. When you get into the car and don’t know the way you can refer to the map and hopefully get to your destination. If your goals are not defined yet think about the end result that you want. Now focus on the simple things that you would need to do to make that result a reality. It is not a couple of big goals that you have to work on, but instead a number of small steps. Along the way the steps may change, allow them that flexibility. As long as you know where you are starting from and where you are headed to, it is alright.

Along the way as you train to win make sure that you are kind to yourself. Allow yourself time off to smell the roses occasionally. Give yourself the same consideration that you would to a hard working employee. Some perks and treats along the road also help keep you motivated and on the training!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Reasons Why You Fear Your Success

Reaching bold new heights of success is a dream that you have been wishing to come true, and yet each time you are given an opportunity to take that very same dream and make it a reality you deliberately take a step back. You let the opportunity pass you by and then wonder what would have happened if you had not let your fears and insecurities lead you astray. Here we focus on those seemingly small reasons why you fear fulfilling your own potential.

Self Doubt

Yes, that little inner voice that sits in judgment over all our actions is self doubt. Each time you decide that you can do something, there is a quick snarky blurt within the confines of your own mind telling you that maybe you are not quite as good as you think you are. Test it, tell yourself you can achieve your goal within a month and then listen to what come flooding through your mind. We are our own worst critics. We refuse to give ourselves permission to soar. Pursuing life goals and reaching our potential becomes extremely difficult when we ourselves don’t support our own actions.

Other People’s Opinion

If we fail in the endeavor we have put our heart and soul into, we are faced with our own insecurities. They may be nasty but we are familiar with them and can handle them. What happens if we do manage to succeed? We trigger other people’s insecurities and they will surely let us know in no uncertain terms that we have done them a great disservice. Are we willing to put ourselves out there to listen to their insecurities as a byproduct of our success? Or is it just better to let success elude us?

Reluctance to Change

If we succeed, the settled life we lead today will be completely changed. We will be facing a number of relationship changes which may seem like quite a personal upheaval in an otherwise comfortable life. Do we really need all that fame, money and success when it will spell the end of life how we know it today? This is one of the reasons why we may not be all that keen to find success even when we are working towards it and praying for it to happen.

Giving Yourself Permission to Succeed

When it comes to soaring in the clouds of success we are always looking at a safe place to land even before we actually take to the air. We anchor ourselves so well to the ground with our unfounded fears that we refuse to give ourselves permission to succeed. Now take a conscious decision to allow yourself to live your life purpose, and to succeed in the undertaking you are currently working on. Remember the choice is always in your hands. 

Here is an affirmation to help you use the Law of Attraction to draw your success to yourself – “Doors of opportunity now fly open for my dream. I am consistently presented with the opportunities and resources that I need to succeed in my life purpose.”

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Disasters to Development: How Spiritual Growth Begins

After reading a number of books from world famous authors I got to thinking about how in almost every case there was some major life crisis that spurred the author on to the spiritual path. An accident which laid someone up in a hospital bed for months, a divorce that shook their belief in love, a physical disease that could have proved fatal, these are just some examples of such issues. Very few people in this world wake up one fine morning and decide, “My life is good the way it is, but now I’m going to try something different so that I can grow as a person.”

The Disaster is Actually a Good Thing

Ever think any normal person is going to say that to himself and start making drastic lifestyle changes? No, sad to say most of us will happily go on living the lives we are living, even if we are not too thrilled about them. Routine is comforting, routine is safe and routine is no place where you will have a chance to challenge yourself and find your inner strengths. It is only when that spectacular crisis hits your life that you suddenly wake up and realize, “Hey, that’s not good. I need to do something about this situation.”

Beginning Self Development

Inner growth is not a top priority or even a distant goal for the majority of us when things are going great in the material world that we are living in. It is only when things begin to go wrong that we suddenly wake up to the possibility of changing the way we do things. It is no longer an option to remain in the loser pattern and then we decide to shake things up. This is when we begin to catalogue our strengths and weaknesses, which is the first step to making actual changes. How can you improve yourself when you don’t know what you need to work on?

Developing New Habits

It is not easy to change the habits of a lifetime. There will be times that you want to do so much more than what you are physically able to achieve. That’s fine. Each time you feel frustrated about moving at a snail’s pace, take a look at how far you’ve come. The changes that you have already managed to effect will give you the motivational boost required to stay on the path. The best way to stay the path is to make friends who also are in the process of inner growth. The support group is a great place to share your insecurities and know that you will get the right advice.

Use Your Greatest Tool – Your Mind

There is nothing more powerful in your world as your own mind. We believe what we tell ourselves. So it behooves us to speak positively and well when we use our minds. The easiest way to use the power of our mind is through positive affirmations. You may already be working with some on your own, but it always helps to ask for more clarity. Here is a good affirmation from best -selling author Louise Hay that you could use.

AffirmI ask for more understanding so that I may knowingly and lovingly shape my world and my experiences.

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