Saturday, 31 October 2015

Heal Your Life by Boosting Your Self Confidence

Are you ready to conquer the world? Not sure? Why don’t you check your self confidence meter! The more you believe in yourself, the better your life will be. The self confidence of a person is a combination of a person’s self efficiency and their self esteem. A problem in either one will result in a number of issues to be resolved. In order to heal your life, you need to have a high level of self confidence. Here are some things that can help you develop and maintain a high level of self confidence no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Prepare Yourself for What You are Likely to Face

It’s always scary when you walk into a new situation. If your inner child has been criticized very often in the past, there is a good chance that you as an adult are cringing from the possibility of being criticized as well. Perhaps you are unwilling to put yourself out there because you are already half convinced by your inner citric that no matter what you do, you are not gonna do a good job.

What’s the way around this self confidence block? Preparation! The more you prepare for all kinds of contingencies that may show up, the better you are likely to deal with them when some of them do actually show up. Don’t leave things to chance, think of what you may need and plan accordingly. You will feel good when you are already prepared for small problems that crop up later.

Catalogue Your Achievements Regularly

Ever so often, we have our eyes set on the final goal. The ultimate achievement is always so far away. However if you decide to actually catalogue your smaller achievements as you traverse the path you have chosen, you will also be able to boost your self confidence along the way. You will pay attention to what you have already managed to achieve instead of being fixated on what you need to do. Celebrating the smaller achievements is a huge motivator for you to stay on the path.

Identify and Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try and work in a job which focuses on a weakness. If you are not computer savvy and get stuck in a job where you need to use different features of the computer every day, you are going to get frustrated at every step. You will feel bad about not knowing things that others around you seem to grasp easily and eventually your self confidence will begin to dip. Instead of getting into a bad situation, figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are before you take on a task. It will help you deal with the task easily and at the same time enhance your self esteem on getting a job done easily.

Set Goals that Mean Something Important to You

No two people think alike and so it should not come as a surprise to know that no two people measure success in exactly the same manner. Some people find fame more satisfying than earning money. Others prefer to have power and prestige over being famous. The idea is to find the goal that means the most to you, then set about achieving it. Think about what you enjoy doing and what you want to be the best at. Then work towards making it happen in your life.

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Resign as General Manager of the Universe

Does it seem that in your corner of the world nothing ever gets done unless you do it yourself? Are you so busy doing everything related to your work and to your home that you have no time to spend on the person who matters the most? Isn’t it time that you resigned from the self appointed post of General Manager of the Universe and relaxed? You matter! Your health matters and your priority should be to look after yourself before you set out to look after the whole wide world. It is always important to heal your life before you begin to heal the world.

Stop doing everything on your own

You are not a super hero who must be proficient in all things and run around saving the world as well. You are a human being with limited time in the day and it is important that you focus on the important things in life, while delegating away duties that anyone else can handle. For instance you don’t need to be the person to drive your kids to school and pick them up every day. You can get them to take the school bus. You don’t need to cook, clean and pick up the groceries personally. You can hire someone else to do this and supervise them to see that they do it right.

Identify the places you need help

In every day that you spend running around trying to get the whole long list of things on your to-do list done, there are at least 30% things that can be easily handled by other people. Be it someone you hire to help you with your job or business, or the loving family members who are already part of your circle of trust. All you need to do is take a long hard look at the list and pick up the things that you don’t have to do personally all the time. Then figure out who is the best person to handle this task. It would be wonderful if someone else could step in and lend you their support, but it is not going to happen until you make it happen.

How can your family and friends support you?

The easiest way to get support is to ask for it. Don’t convince yourself that you will be refused just because you think that the person you are going to ask for help will say no. Most often people are pleasantly surprised that when they ask someone for help they are more than willing to do so. Make sure that you ask them for help in the best way possible! Plus don’t be rigid about the help that you expect them to give. Remember the idea is to make life easier for yourself, not dictate what others around you should or should not do. Show them your list and ask them to pick what they can manage to help you with rather than telling them what you want done.
Remember you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Don't Work Hard to Succeed…

Don't Work Hard to Succeed…

…Work wise instead!

Growing up most of us heard that we had to work very hard and be persistent to have any measure of success. It was pretty much understood that if you didn’t devote all your time to the pursuit of chasing your goal you would never amount to much in life. From passing exams in school and college to getting that elusive job, everything depended on hard work and nothing else. This automatic thinking pattern is so much a part of most people that they are unable to make the critical shift when they wish to manifest something with the Law of Attraction.

After all if you believe with all your heart and soul, that you need to work hard to have anything good come to you, how can you just ask the Universe for things to be given to you and expect them to be manifested? These thinking patterns actually repel the very things you are asking to be manifested and you need to break these old patterns if you wish to have any success with the Law of Attraction. When you place orders with the cosmic kitchen, they have to be clear and consistent. Not wrought with anxiety over how they will possibly come to pass.

When you are able to make the critical shift from doubt to acceptance, the orders are fulfilled. All your manifestations occur easily and effortlessly. You can fill your life with joy, success and abundance in all areas. You can expand your abundance exponentially when you quit sabotaging your own manifestations with limiting patterns. So what does that mean? Can you just flip a switch one fine day and say from hence forth all the manifestations I work towards using the Law of Attraction will come true and they actually start coming true?

If it were as simple as that, everyone would be abundant. It takes a while to readjust your vibrational energy to make it vibrate in tune with the creative powers of universal energy. When you come to a stage where an order placed in the cosmic kitchen is as surely a foregone conclusion as an order you place for a burger and milkshake, then you are working wisely. Then it will not matter how many hours you need to work, but the quality of your work will ensure that the success you desire is yours for the taking.

You need to replace the old pattern of thinking which says “Hard work is the key to success” with the new pattern of thinking which says “Everything I imagine comes true for me”.

If may be difficult accepting the new pattern, but with the help of affirmations and creative visualization you can truly manifest just about anything that your heart desires. It all comes down to focusing on what you really want, and then clearly asking the universe to bring it into your life. Then going about your day with the absolute confidence that when the time is right, everything that you want will be delivered to your doorstep by the universe. 

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Friday, 9 October 2015

12 Steps to Weightloss

Many of us have struggled with our self image. The constant bombardment of the media ensures that if you are not a skinny thin, size zero, you tend to feel just a little bit hesitant about your body type in public. The concept of self love and self acceptance takes a while to filter in and yes, it is totally worth it when you can finally say “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” and mean it from the bottom of your heart. Getting to the point where you can say this affirmation with ease and honesty does take a while.

The journey will ensure that you work through a number of obstacles, and I was interested in reading the 12 steps to weight loss that the Overeaters Anonymous follow in the United States of America. I doubt they have an Indian counterpart as yet, but the information was made interesting to me as each step was underlined by a spiritual principle. Rather than just focusing on reducing the food you eat and exercising more than you do, they advice you to get in touch with your true self. A fact that is reiterated in a book called, A Course in Weightloss by best selling author, Marianne Williamson.

Does being spiritual have anything to do with your weight gain or loss? I submit the material to you to see if you can make the connection. Here are the Principles in the Twelve Steps (as listed in Step Twelve of The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous)

Step One:  Honesty
Step Two:  Hope
Step Three:  Faith
Step Four:  Courage
Step Five:  Integrity
Step Six:  Willingness
Step Seven:  Humility
Step Eight:  Self-discipline
Step Nine:  Love for others
Step Ten:  Perseverance
Step Eleven:  Spiritual Awareness
Step Twelve:  Service

When we take each step one at a time, we begin to build a new self image of ourselves. One that is not based on the media and what it expects so called attractive women to be. Rather it is based on being true to your own self, your own needs, wants and desires. You choose to lose weight if you are overweight because you love yourself and want to be healthy, not because you are trying to fit in to a world of super thin women who are considered beautiful.

As you are honest with yourself about what you want, you develop the hope that you can achieve your desires. You begin to have faith and courage to follow through with your own convictions. Since you are doing this for yourself you do it with integrity and willingness. You know your limitations and face them with humility even as you enforce self discipline to overcome them. As your love for self increases, so does the scope of love for others. You are persistent as you are aware of your spiritual path as well as the material world that you reside in. And best of all, your service begins to make a difference to everyone near and dear to you, as you serve yourself first! 

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Formula for Success in Everything You Undertake

There is no single mathematical formula that will ensure that you are successful all the time, but yet there are ways to ensure that no matter what you undertake, you do end up with more successes than failures. Every successful person has a few things in common and here we talk about them. Think about how you can integrate these in to your life and make it a success story as well.

Stay Fit

Fitness of body is important when it comes to following a dream but more important is fitness of the mind. Are you emotionally strong enough to handle the highs and lows of the challenge that will be coming your way? Sometimes people find it easy to go with the flow when everything is hunky dory, but begin to doubt everything that they had believed they could accomplish when they are feeling low or depressed. Keeping your emotions in check is important to stay mentally fit.

Focus on Solutions

When you hit a road block, what is your attitude? Do you start thinking about the problem and all the losses that it will mean to your situation? Or do you begin to think about what you can do to minimize the damage and proceed? As soon as you begin to shift your focus from the problem to the possible solutions, you begin to stop wasting energy. Now your efforts will be made in a direction which will be beneficial to you and the challenge that you are hoping to overcome.

Identify Goals

It is important to have goals, both short term and long term for any situation if you wish to enjoy success. Think of these goals as milestones that litter the path that you are walking to personal abundance. The Law of Attraction ensures that when you meet a smaller goal, you are able to meet larger and grander goals in the same area much more easily. This is why it is important to identify the steps that you need to take as you begin to climb the mountain.

Track Successes

We focus our time and energy on failures. This is a common human failing. Yes, it is important to understand why we have failed at a specific challenge so that we do not repeat those mistakes. However it is also important to see where all we have had successes. By acknowledging your minor successes you will harness not only the beneficial power of gratitude, but will also know what you did right. Enjoy the successes, both big and small, as they come your way.

Take the Pressure Off

The only person who knows where you are going is you! So if you choose to take a couple of detours along the way, its fine. You can have fun doing what you enjoy and still be successful. Life is not a series of tasks and challenges that you have to meet one after the other. It is also the small moments of joy and harmony that you manage to blend in when you decide not to pressure yourself to do more than you can manage!

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