Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Thinking Yourself to Abundance

Sometimes all we need to do is change how we think. Without realizing the power of the Law of Attraction we keep thinking about all the things that could go wrong and finally feel vindicated when they do go wrong. Little comprehending, when such things happen, that we have actually brought the disaster to life with our own worried thought patterns. The simple act of catching a negative thought in the head and casting it out is often the very action we need to take for change.

All You Need to do is Embrace Positivity

Do not become a part of the defeatist mindset which thinks that everything is pre-ordained. That there is no use struggling against your fate or destiny. That whatever to happen is bound to do so, no matter what you do. The truth is that while you are very much part of a Karmic Cycle, you are also very much in possession of your own Free Will. Each moment you have the ability to think a new thought, say a new word, perform a new action and in doing these small things change the way your destiny plays out. So make it a point to think positive thoughts, perform actions that bring happiness to you and others, and speak as though everything you ever wanted and wished for is just around the corner waiting for you to come along and claim it.

Work towards Your Life Purpose

You have chosen to have this experience as a body on earth and you have a life purpose to meet while you are here. Most “bad” things tend to happen when you are not trying to do your best to fulfill your life purpose. If you waste your precious years on the planet, your higher self will try to bring your attention to the work that you must complete before your time is up. This could take the form of a wakeup call that you simply cannot ignore anymore. If you are not sure what your life purpose is, ask the universe or your higher consciousness to point out what you need to do. Thinking about it and driving yourself insane is not an option.

Finding Your Answers

Surrender can help bring you answers. For me this simple method works wonders. At night before I go to sleep I thank the universe and guardian angels for all that I have. Then I ask the question that is bothering me. I ask for guidance on the best way to solve the situation and then turn over the problem to the higher powers to work on. Usually when I wake up the next morning I have these persisting thoughts that tell me about something that I need to do. When I consider the actions I am being asked to take, I can usually correlate them as the solution to the problem that had been vexing me the previous night.

Here is a beautiful affirmation from Louise L Hay that you can use, “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am loving and approving of myself.

A solution is available. I feel better and better about my ability to deal with this challenge right now.”

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