Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tools to Overcome Life’s Challenges

There is no perfect life. Even the happiest souls have to face challenges to stay positive. The only difference between someone you perceive as being happy most of the time and yourself is the way you react to challenges. Given here are some common tools that can help you overcome the challenges that come your way.


These are positive statements that can be used to draw what you wish into your life. By repeating this statement every day for at least fifty times in front of the mirror, you give power to the wish. You can use them to replace negative thoughts that tend to intrude in your head. That way you will be filled with positivity and attract good experiences and people towards you.


There are different forms of meditation, not all of which will be suited for your purpose. Some help you to relax, others help you to clear your mind and be receptive to messages from your higher self, others allow you to focus your concentration on what you need to achieve, and others still allow you to cleanse your chakras and aura. By learning different meditation techniques you help yourself in different aspects of your life.


The ability to create in your mind’s eye what you wish to see in your real life is called visualization. We begin with a simple picture that you can easily bring to mind. Then we add layers such as the sensation of smell, touch, and even taste. When the picture that you create in your mind is as real as the actual event happening before you, you have a successful visualization.


Emotional Freedom Techniques help when you need to address negative, fearful emotions that are affecting your ability to function effectively. It is done by tapping on the specified points on the body. There is nothing difficult about learning EFT and you can find enough material online to teach yourself the basics of the tapping techniques.

Connection with Higher Self

While a part of you is made up of the gross body on earth, there is another free spirited part of your soul which can travel where it wants. This higher self is in a state of consciousness that can help provide you with all the answers that you seek.  Forge a stronger connection with your higher self in order to receive the information that will make your life easier and more fun.

Get Centered and Connect with Spirit through Energy Work

We are basically all different forms of energy. Those who can learn to manipulate this energy are able to attract what they want and repel what they dislike. Through energy work schools of thought such as Pranic Healing, Reiki and Acupressure it is possible to subtly manipulate the energy field of the body and rid it of disease. You can also use these techniques to enhance your ability to grow spiritually.

These tools are easily available for you. All you have to do is ensure that you use them to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Rather like preparing for a marathon, you need to run every day in practice to be able to run the entire length on the final day. Similarly you need to use these tools every day in order to ensure that they do not desert you in your hour of need.

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